I have this dream of homeschooling my children.
I want to teach them our values that we, as a family, hold dear.
I want to teach them a love for literature and history.
I want to instill in them a deep, rich knowledge of God.

Right now my kids attend preschool and will probably start their formal schooling in a public school.
The goal is to pull them from the school system as soon as I finish my education in nursing - it demands a lot of time, which doesn't leave much time for teaching little ones - and beginning our homeschooling venture in earnest at that point.

I love curriculum and reading with them and so, although they are "in school", I am still teaching them at home in a very informal way.
Here are the books and curriculum we are using - and loving!

This is a series of curriculum that uses wonderful books as the basis for learning.
Many of our favorite books come from the book list for Before Five in a Row and Five in a Row.

I am working through Before Five in a Row with Evie.

 I am working through Five in a Row - Volume 1 with Beck.

The Bob Books
A simple, complete learn-to-read system.
We are working on the "My First Bob Books" series - a pre-reading skills set.