To-Do Before 30

The To-Do List
A list of 30 things to do before I'm 30.
Deadline: November 30th, 2012

1. Run in an organized race. 6.11.11 and 6.18.11 So fun! I think I might have gotten bit by "the running bug."
2. Go on another international trip.
3. Witness the birth of a baby - live!
4. Grow a successful organic garden.
5. Surprise my Brawny Man - like really surprise him - just once.
6. Bake my own pie crust from scratch.
7. Reach my goal weight.
8. Go completely gluten and dairy-free for at least one month.
9. Read through the entire Bible. Cover to cover.
10. Make a 100% organic meal.
11. Record a song.
12. Go on a one-month media fast.
13. See another Broadway show.
14. Spend a weekend in Chicago.
15. Teach my big piggies how to read.
16. Have a really fabulous tulip and spring bulb garden.
17. Get my eyebrows professionally waxed and stay committed to maintenance.
18. Take my babies to the ocean again.
19. Find the perfect waffle recipe. HERE it is!
20. Buy someone the perfect, unexpected gift.
21. Take myself on a weekend-long, solo spiritual retreat.
22. Get beautiful family photographs done.
23. Take Miss Evie to the American Girl store in Chicago.
24. Rent a bike and ride the Katy Trail.
25. Get an A in math. :) May 2011 - Miracle of Miracles!
26. Pay for someones coffee behind me at the Starbucks drive-thru.
27. Go to a concert.
28. Get my charm bracelet up to date.
29. Get my blog in print form. via: blog2print
30. Learn CPR and get certified. April 2011 - CPR is quite the workout!

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