100 Things

1. Born in 1982.
2.  Played with Barbies until I was 14...maybe 15.  Played with Barbies until I was 16.
3. My father is a pastor and has been since before I was born.
4. Grandpa's a pastor too.
5.Totally convinced the beach is one of the most spiritual places you can be.
6. Ice cream snob.
7. Absolute Francophile.
8. Never been to Paris.
9. Mr. B. proposed to me, on one knee, in China.
10. I said "yes." I was only 19. Best decision of my life...other than making a commitment to Jesus Christ.
11. Asked Jesus into my heart when I was 7. My mom told me how, we were sitting on her bed. That day changed my life.
12. Best friend: Sister. And: Sister (in law).
13. Sometimes I wish I were 17 again so I could have that adorable figure. (...and go back to church camp. Seriously.)
14. Been dying my hair blonder since I was 12.
15. Was home schooled through the rough junior high years - thank you, mom!
16. Want to home school my own 3 little piglets.
17. Adore my husband for his humor, commitment, passion, work ethic, Biblical knowledge, height, gorgeous brown eyes, ability to see the big picture, sex-pot voice, giving me three beautiful children, abs-o-steel.
18. Went to a small Christian college - drank alcohol there for the first time. Yep.
19. Have not made a habit of alcohol consumption.
20. Have never smoked anything. Ever.
21. Love the color blue. Robin's egg. Turquoise. Baby. Indigo. Carolina. Powder. Iris. Midnight. Tiffany. Teal. Sky.
22. All my grandparents are still living.
23. All my grandparents (and parents) are still married to one another.
24. Want to live in China one day and help those sweet, orphaned baby girls.
25. Chocoholic. Must be 60% cocao or more.
26. Majored in music in college. Piano and voice.
27. Changed my major to nursing. Got married and had babies before I could finish.
28. Now I'm a stay-at-home, student mother.
29. I will finish my degree by the time I'm 30. (That's 2 1/2 years from now.)
30. At one point I had braces and glasses...and I was really chubby. Not adorable.
31. Favorite movie: Chocolat
32. Favorite book: Gone with the Wind or Little Women
33. Have to bring my own pillow everywhere.
34. Absolutely certain Mr. B. my little sister and I would be prime candidates for The Amazing Race.
35. Love to bake. Secretly think I might be The Barefoot Contessa #2.
36. Dealt with major Post Partum Depression after my daughter, Evie was born.
37. "Churchy people" make me sick.
38. Want to write a book someday but feel like I need more life experience to do it.
39. Dream job: Labor and delivery nurse.
40. I don't like cats (they're snobby and I'm allergic) but I had the best kitty when I was younger. RIP, Nonie.
41. I've lived in the Midwest, east coast, west coast and waaaay up in Minnesota.
42. I don't really like where I live now... I'd love a chance to live in Charleston, South Carolina.
43. Convinced Chicago style pizza (Giordanos) is sent from heaven.
44. Ditto that about Chocolate Croissants.
45. Pretty packaging on beauty products and food totally get me.
46. Wish I were more crafty.
47. Want to raise chickens because it's quaint. I'm totally romanticizing the whole notion, I know this. I would name them Henny Penny and Pizzie.
48. Sometimes I like gangsta rap. I'm versatile like that.
49. Was in a Madrigals singing group when I was in High School.
50. Love a good Broadway show.
51. Terrible long-distance friend. Which is really miserable because I have a lot of friends that live far away.
52. Scared of thunderstorms.
53. Don't think I've ever "forgotten" to eat. Get mad when people say they have.
54. Have some pretty major issues with body image. God and I are working on that...
55. Too judgemental...we're working on that too.
56. Favorite pastime: Belly laughing.
57. Least favorite pastime: Belly dancing.
58. Love a good roller coaster.
59. Totally in awe of women who have home births or unmedicated births. Would not do it myself though.
60. Love antiquing.
61. Never been on a cruise.
62. Sure that Anthropologie is the best store. Ever.
63. A girl's girl to the core.
64. Maybe just a little bit high-maintenance?
65. Love a good pair of flat, flirty sandals.
66. Book fiend.
67. Dream vacation: a trip to Italy with my mom and sister.
68. One of my best girls lives in New Zealand and I have never been to visit her. It's a crime, I know this.
69. Get touched to the core when I listen to Sara Groves music.
70. My favorite flowers are hydrangeas and peonies.
71. I've worked as a McDonalds drive-thru girl, a Panera bakery lady, a Clinique make-up consultant and a nurses assistant.
72. For a person that thrives on organization I'm awfully disorganized.
73. Frustrated Perfectionist.
74. Roadside produce stands, kids fresh out of the bath, newly mown grass and lit candles in a dark room all make me giddily happy.
75. Used to sing show tunes from Annie with my grandma when I was a girl.
76. Had the nickname "Fish Hook" in college. Given by one of the floors in the guy's dorm.
77. Cannot; will not sleep with my socks on. The texture of sock against sheet makes my skin crawl.
78. Mr. B. is not permitted to sleep with his socks on either for fear that his sock will rub against my hypersensitive foot in the night. (See # 64.)
79. Had the H1N1 flu when I was pregnant with little B. Thought maybe I was going to die...
80. Very direct in my communication style. Sometimes too direct.
81. Vowed I would never let my kids wear character T-shirts or glittery shoes in public. This was before I had children...Evie now has the cutest pair of glitter Mary Janes in both silver and red. I'm still doing pretty good with the no character shirts though.
82. Vacation Addict. (In serious withdrawal.)
83. So, totally terrible at math.
84. Love Language: Words of Affirmation
85. Trying to be more conscious of buying local foods and finding out it's tough to find a truly local Farmer's Market.
86. Sometimes wish I were Amish - the lifestyle intrigues me - and then realize I love modern day amenities; like blow driers and cell phones.
87. Get positively beside myself when I get my hands on a brand new, empty day planner. I sit myself down with colored Sharpies and go to town. It's actually very unbalanced.
89. Don't see the point in making my bed every day - but feel quite accomplished and smug when I do.
90. Compulsively buy Susan Branch books.
91. When I hear a song completely sung in french my mood is immediately lifted.
92. Seriously considered throwing away the TV for the Summer and then realized there would be nothing to occupy my kids while I showered...totally disregarded that notion.
93. Readily admit that I use my television set as a babysitter from time to time.
94. Blackberries are my favorite.
95. Sometimes I worry and complain - driving Mr. B. nuts, mind you - and then call it "realism."
96. Just began co-leading a mom's Bible study at my church. Excited at the prospect of studying the Bible with other sweet women.
97. Used to think I was an introvert...now almost positive I'm a classic extrovert.
98. Miss being a part of leading worship in a church setting.
99. Hate being too busy.
100. Really, terribly glad this list is complete...I was really reaching at the end there. ;)