Saturday, April 27, 2013

Stories and Toast

This blog, my little corner of the internet, has served me well through the six years that I've used it. 

I started a blog as my creative outlet - not photography, not fashion or cooking or parenting advice, not home decor, certainly not DIY - my creative outlet is writing. Plain and simple. Words, strung together to make pictures.

We've seen an evolution here.
From new mom - freshly minted, battling postpartum depression, fragile.
To part-time student.
To reality TV blogger. Not my most intelligent or insightful moments...
To grumpy pregnant lady, to new mom for the third time.
To harried full-time student without a moment in the world for her much-missed outlet.

I invite you to join me as I evolve to another place in my life.
A new stage.

I'm starting a new blog and She's Star-Crossed will be no more.
{Which does make me a bit sad.}
But I will continue to do the same things I did here for all those years.
Enjoy myself. And hopefully touch a few people in the process.

So, please, follow me over there, at my new place:

And thank you for your love and friendship.