Sunday, August 12, 2012

Kenya Bound :: Update

In a mere 20 days I will be on a plane headed to Nairobi, Kenya.
{Well...headed to Minneapolis, MN then Amsterdam, then Nairobi.}
I'm not going to lie...I feel a little queasy when I think of being on a plane that takes me far away from my babies, and then getting on another plane that takes me even further from them and then getting on another plane that takes me almost as far away from them as I could possibly go.

I'm giddy with excitement for this trip.
But I'm also feeling that classic mommy-guilt that goes with anything we mommies do that might not be completely centered around our babies.
World travel changes a whole bunch when there's a brood of beautiful people, your people, you've left at home.

I am so grateful to you guys (my friends!) for supporting me in this endeavor.
Because, I am dead serious when I say it, it could not have happened without your help.
I have been floored at the response I've had to my pleas for help.

So...when I go to Kenya to give love and help to the people there, I will look at them through my own eyes but I will be looking at them through a filter of YOU.
You guys will be on my heart as I care for the beautiful people of Africa.
You are my MVP's.
You know who you are.

Next weekend is a packing date.
All of us almost-nurses will be meeting to stuff our bags full of love for those people.
And you will be amazed at how much of that "love" is from you guys.
I have boxes full of supplies.
It's mind-blowing.
It's beautiful.

I'll be taking pictures during our packing day and show you the bounty.
So fun.
You're going to be with me every step.

And, if you think about it during these few weeks before I go and while I'm gone,
 pray for me and for my sweet family.
That I can let go and do what I feel I've been called to do
and that my little favorites
(and my big favorite, Mr. B.)
will be safe and happy and well while I'm gone.

images via and Kate Mercer photography