Monday, July 23, 2012

The Bachelorette :: One F on One Knee

I'm positively glowing from the satisfaction of watching these two beautiful people.
It's just rightness.

First I need to address the Arie situation.
I have been {quite vocally} a member of Team Arie since the beginning.
I knew Arie was a good one the entire show and I absolutely think his exit from the show and his appearance on ATFR is a testament to his good-ness.
Even with his obvious surprise at getting broken up with and in his confused heartbreak he left as a total gentleman.
I almost {almost. I still have a shred of self-respect.} teared up during his goodbye scene.

Although I loved me some Arie all the way through, watching last night's show I see exactly why Jef was the only choice Emily could have made.
I'm kind of making this all up in my head {with bits and pieces of evidence} that Em and Jef are really compatible in their approaches to family life and spirituality.
And I'm so sure that Jef was the right one for the job when it comes to being Ricki's new dad.

Can we just have a moment of respect for the way Emily handled her season of The Bachelorette.
You guys.
This girl rocks.
{I just used the term "rocks." Hi, 2001, I've missed you.}
She may have kissed like every pair of dude-lips she could find these past few weeks, but she stayed respectfully away from the sticky all-nighter "forego-your-individual-rooms" situation and I was pleasantly un-surprised about that.
{I had faith that she would make a good decision about that one but was still giddy when she actually followed through with it.}
And I adored the fact that One F beat her to the punch when they received their note + key combo that night.

Last night when she made her decision to scratch the Arie date and just let him go I was surprised
{because I really did think his kissing-power was going to overwhelm her senses and she would pick him}
but happy that she didn't do the "Let's Make This A Good Show" maneuvers that so many of the other bachelors and bachelorettes get caught up in.
She told Arie as soon as she knew it wasn't him and didn't let him go any further by picking out a ring and getting on his knee.

When {cutest ever, still babyface, but I like him anyway} Jef dropped to his knee and promised her it was "a forever thing" I was pretty sure my face was going to crack from the smiling.

And I knew this girl would say "yes" without hesitation.

These two mean business.

Really, truly.
Like, they mean Spring 2013 business.

I love:
His little tirade about all of her best qualities.
Her profession that tape on her finger would have made her just as happy {I believe that!}
...until it didn't anymore.
That they're going to Africa.
{Me too!!!}
That they want a wedding ASAP.
That Jef is moving to Charlotte for the sake of his new little family.
That they made a point to say they would have separate living quarters.
{Face-cracking smile again.}

I have one regret:
Making so much fun of One F in the beginning of my Bachelorette blogging.
I mean...probably if I hadn't said all of those things about him looking cute in a stroller and never having had facial hair I would be invited to their wedding.
But now, even if I wanted to crash it {Charleston 2013, baby!} I couldn't because looking him in the eye would be really sort of awkward for me.

One last note.
Their babies are going to be awesome.

The {Happily Ever After} End.


Alicia Marie said...

Such a good ending. Bummed that I have nothing good to watch tonight. Jef really won me over with his insistent conversations about Ricki and how he would fit with her. Super happy for both of them. Hope they make some beautiful babies and live happily ever after!

Beka Fox said...

I am going to sound like a 15 year old SCHOOL GIRL but excuse me...

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! I was TEAM JEF from the beginning when my husband said....."I like him. He's real! "

So I thought I would stick with my GUT and what my husband said.. because after all... HE chose a good one. ;)!

NOW. I am just IN LOVE with this couple... I mean I haven't been thos CRAZZZAAAYYYY about a "bachelor/bachelorette" couple since "THE TRISTA & RYAN" in whatever year that was. :)

I can't wait to watch them on Jimmykimmel live tonight...


15 year old school girl...

Jamie Willow said...

I think Jef keeps Emily young...she seems like an old soul to me, so his youthfulness really brings hers out in a good way. A light heartedness that is so nice. They both seem to be old souls actually. I think they will last...we will be seeing their babies on future Bachelor seasons for sure ;)

I did tear up for Arie...just cause it was so intense. Love that she didn't make him wait, sad that his heart got broken. I'm sure whatever woman he ends up with will be happy...he's a keeper, just not for Em. (yes, I call her Em cause we are virtual bff's)

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