Monday, July 2, 2012

The Bachelorette :: ...and My Gramps

Hometowns, baby!
I love hometowns. 
As a certifiably creepy house snooper - 
but I promise, I don't do that looking in medicine cabinets thing...and if you do, you should STOP it now...that's totally weird - 
but I love to know how people live.
The hometowns absolutely shed light on people.
It's a vital part of getting to know someone.

Here we go.

Chris in Chicago.
The only thing I loved about this date was Chicago...
Chris' mom.

Um. She told him to get out there and kick a**.
Cutest little lady.

His dad was super sweet too.
Why did I like his entire family 100 times more than I like Chris?
Why did I see more personality from one 15 minute segment in his family than I've seen the entire season with Chris?
Why, you guys?

But, Oh My Gosh. 
There was polka and a live band and traditional Polish costuming.
I almost wanted to be polish.
But then I thought about all of those polish jokes my grandpa always tells and I, I'm good.
I'll stay the weird Swedish/everythingelse mix that I am.

Jef in Utah.
His family ranch is adorable.
I don't really do ranchy type stuff. 
{The Chicago date was totally more my style. Hello, birthplace and all-around best city ever.}
But seriously.
Maybe I would marry Jef for his ranch if I were Emily.
I could absolutely overlook the fact that he's probably never grown a facial hair in his life...and that I'm almost 100% sure he's mormon.

But look at that photo above. 
How marvelous do these two look together? 
He gives her all-american perfect features a little edge. 
Cute couple alert.

Um, Emily takes gun lessons at home?
As if blonde hair and cowboy boots weren't man-bait enough.

Plus, my Polish joke telling Gramps? 
He shoots clay pidgeons. Like a friggin' champ.
It's, like, his thing.
That's the tie in about Gramps on this hometown.

The letter he read to Emily at the end of the date was...well...I would have swooned.
I hope he really means it. I tend to think he kinda does.

Arie in Arizona
I'm not sure what it is...but Arie is beginning to annoy me.
I wish I could elaborate. But I can't even figure out what it is.
It's just there.
The annoyance.

His laugh. That's definitely part of it.

Grandpa has his fair-share of things to say about the Dutch.
{Gramps was all over this episode.}
My Uncle Kevin - his son-in-law -
{possibly my favorite one...but if the other uncs are reading...he's totally not...} 
comes from a huge Dutch family; and while not all of it is negative, gramps talks about The Dutch.
Like, how tall they are...and...that's all I can remember.
Or, maybe that's just all I want to share on my blog.
Mooooving on.

WHY did Arie's mother begin speaking in Dutch mid meal?
Does she have no clue that it's rude to do that?
I mean, I get it if you're more fluent and comfortable speaking your native language...but not in front of a singularly English-speaking guest.
Not nice.
"Emily, do you want to have a chat with me?"
"Um...yeah, if you speak MY LANGUAGE, lady."
But I ended up kind of liking her.
I'm pretty sure she was only 1/2 Dutch...the other 1/2 was a combo of plastic surgery and botox.

Sean in Dallas.
AHHHH!!! That bedroom.
I was horrified.
I'm so flippin' glad that was a joke.
Deal. Breaker. Right there.

Gramps wasn't in this date. So I have nothing to say about that.
And was sort of a ho-hum hometown date.
In a good way.
I still really like Sean and his family seemed sweet and {Emily's prediction was spot-on} perfect.
And that little girl's play house in the backyard was bigger and more opulent than my real-life house.

Can't say I was the least bit surprised about Chris being the rose-less one tonight.
There wasn't much chemistry there.
And he kind of lived up to his ManBaby term of endearment in the limo exit speech.
But from here on out? It's absolutely any of these three guys til the end.
Arie, Sean, and Jef all seem really well suited to her and I have no clue who her guy is...

I wonder if she'll let any of the boys meet Ricki.
Not sure I would...but I can't imagine choosing a guy without seeing what sort of chemistry they have with my child.
What do you girls think?


Jamie Willow said...

I was not sad to see Chris go. He was insecure and needy...probably because he wasn't getting the reassurance he wanted from Emily...because she clearly just wasn't that into him.

Jef won me over with that letter...I was really on the fence about him before. But he's a doll and her eyes were shining at him. the girl was just plain happy.

Arie will be one of the last two. She is really comfortable around him, but I am not sure she wants to sign her and Ricki up for a race car fun as it might be for a little while. But who knows. She really likes kissing him.

Sean...I really like him but I am finding him to be a bit cheesy. But if she wants cheese, he is her guy. He looked especially nice in that yellow and white striped shirt...not sure I could say that about any other man. ha.

so those are my thoughts :) we shall see!!!

Alicia Marie said...

I was surprised that I like Chris's family...since I am not a fan of his. I did enjoy knowing exactly where they were at in Chicago!

I figured Jef was mormon on the library date when he mentioned were his parents were. Total "mission" style. I had no idea he was from Utah. So, Utah, ranch, loads of sibling and lemonade? Sure fire LDS right there. But I suspect he is a rebel mormon...being that he talked about moving in together before hand. ( Random fact. I am part of a SMALL percentage of people that are born in Utah and NO mormons running through my blood.)

Arie's mom. First the speaking in other language than the plastic bra strap. They did seem to bond later though. Arie should have nipped that talking about the lady IN FRONT of the lady in the bud. Poor behavior on his part.

Sean. Eh. He is nice and all. His niece has a nicer house than I do (with a built in A/C!) I agree with Jamie...he does look good in some yellow stripes.

I will be a bit bummed when this is all over. It was a nice, welcome back to real life Monday, sort of treat...

Vickie Kelley said...

I am anxiously awaiting you views on Emily dumping Sean. Is she nuts or what?