Thursday, June 21, 2012

Sparkly Things

You guys...I just got my first piece from The Vintage Pearl.
I'm so pleased.
It's lovely with all three little names stamped small but proud for all to see.

Happy {just a bit late} Mother's Day to me.

I have the sweetest little friend.
Her name is Alexandra and she's a farmgirl.
Like...a real, live farmgirl who actually lives on a farm.
{Aren't there so many of these online people proclaiming farmer-dom when really they just have a big garden?}
Not this girl. Alexandra has chickens and she milks cows and knows about horses and how to make soap.
She's also pretty clever at jewelry making and she makes some gorgeous little things.

So pretty for Fall.

We all love turquoise. We just do. All of us.
 Fun story:
I used to watch Alexandra and give her mama a little break when she was a chubby wee one.
She would sit in her high chair and pat her macaroni and cheese into the tray, soiling one of her many pretty little cotton dresses. {Her mother dressed her impeccably.} 
And her big brother ran wildly around the house proclaiming 
{at the top of his very powerful lungs} 
and giving a convincing - if saliva laden - "pow pow!" with his fake gun. 
He had a nice raccoon skin hat too.
Alexandra just watched in her pretty dress.
And ate mac n' cheese.
And took naps.

I also remember, years later, looking over to the row of little girls bordering the dance floor at my wedding reception and there she was, watching our first dance.
Mr B. and I rounded the floor and I was totally smitten with him {of course}
but I absolutely have this time-out from that night, a shimmer of remembering, 
that line up of fluffy dresses; staring at us with dreams in their eyes.
They were getting ideas.
Ideas about life and womanhood and how it all should be.
I love that memory of the looks in their eyes.

Blue and white...sigh. Favorite.
See that delicate little blue and white bracelet up there?
I have that.
Yeah. I wear it. Lots.
So you can't have it because it's mine...but I'll bet you Alexandra would totally make you another one.
{I would have snatched the earrings up too, but my ears reject everything I put in them.}

Please visit Alexandra's etsy site:
{cause she's a real farmgirl.}

Jessica Davis is one of the most genuine, caring people you may ever have a chance to meet.
She makes things you wanna wear, too. 
And they're priced wonderfully.
What's the best about her shop is that each month Jessica picks a non-profit cause she believes in and donates 10% of her your purchase goes there.

What is it about birds and wings that we love to wear?
 One of my favorite pieces Jessica does is her Family Tree pendants.
Crystal birth stone beads are added to a stamped tree charm.
She takes custom orders too. 
Family Tree Pendants
Heart to Hand Designs is donating 10% of your purchase to my Kenya Mission trip.
So, a portion of what you buy from Jess will go toward medical supplies for my mission at the end of the summer!
Love it.
She also sells much of her jewelry on facebook and has a bigger inventory there.

Which online shops do you find your sparkly things?


Andrea said...

I love The Vintage Pearl, I met Erin at a blogging conference last year and fell in love with her, the sweetest girl eva!

I also really like Amy Cornwell jewelry. I have a couple of her pieces and they are beautiful.

My fave Etsy shop to buy pretty things from is Elizabeth Ashlie. They have some the cutest, most dainty necklaces and earrings.

Katie Allegretti said...

I love blue and white, too! Such a lovely contrast. Cute necklace, cute bracelet! Love the wing!

Jessica said...

Thank you for your kind words Ashley! Please let your readers know that if they purchase in the month of June and say "The Star Crossed Blogger sent me", I will DOUBLE the donation to 20%! I want to send you a big, fat check to help those kiddos :)

John said...

This is a very beautiful and interesting series of pictures, i enjoyed every picture, it has great detail in it, thanks for sharing the artistic work, i appreciate your work!

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Jamie Willow said...

I totally bought that wing necklace after you posted this blog :) happy! I told her it was because of you :) can't wait for it to come!