Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Insatiable Reader :: Good Reads

A scary thing happened today.
I scrolled down my blog page and realized that this space has turned into a "The Bachelorette" commentary and not much else.
Horror of horrors!
What if some new person, someone who doesn't really know me, happened to wander onto this site and saw these {admittedly fun and entertaining} Bachelorette posts and surmised that I was merely a reality TV blogger and, thus, a shallow, low-minded, couch potato scum-bag?!
This will not do.
I must blog more.
About quality, respectable topics that leave people with a {slightly} more true-to-life impression of me as a person who has a brain that has not, in fact, turned to not-really-real reality TV mush.

I finished my maternity session for school yesterday.
Aced it. Aced it hard.
So good to be done, but I have a little pang of sadness that OB is over.
And I'm kinda wondering:
"Do I really need to go to school next semester? I mean, I finished what I came here for..."
But I'll probably go back...I mean there's a good chance I will.

But, since I'm officially allowed to enjoy summer break {2.5 glorious weeks of it}, 
I have already visited the library and scoured my own personal book shelves for my Summer reads.

These are good books people, pay attention.
You'll want to read them.

Cold Tangerines by Shauna Niequist
My friend, Abby {hi, Ab!} turned me on to Shauna and her beautifully transparent books.
Her writing style is so conversational and raw and you absolutely feel like you need to be her friend because she has so much simple but profound wisdom.
Like, this girl can put into words a feeling that you know you've been feeling for ages but never really knew that's exactly what you were feeling.
She has a gift.
Plus, she's a pastor's daughter, she loves food, friends, Paris, wine and babies.
We're kind of a little bit twins.

Bringing up Bebe by Pamela Druckerman
Can't say much about this one yet.
I haven't cracked it open. 
But it's sitting here...staring at me with it's adorable red, white & french blue cover art and I'm dying to dive in.

Dinner: A Love Story by Jenny Rosenstrach
I am so, so, so over-the-moon excited about this one.
I started reading today at Barnes & Noble and ended up carrying two copies out of the store.
Yup. Two.
One lucky little friend is going to find this at her doorstep today and I can't wait to give it to her.
For more info visit Jenny's blog.
And watch the book trailer
You're gonna buy the book after you do. I'm almost sure of it.

The Rhythm of Family by Amanda Soule
This is one of those books you keep accessible and refer to throughout the year.
With beautiful photography and sentimental writings about the ebb and flow of family life throughout the different seasons - it's just a book that makes you want to live.
There are recipes, family outing ideas and simple craft projects too.

I'm reading other stuff too.
A few novels are calling my name...and I'm still burrowing into the words of Ann Voskamp and my favorite book ever.
To get reviews of other books I'm reading and to catch my final reviews of these books, visit Insatiable Reader, my book blog. 

Coming up on the blog:
{because I'm doing my best to un-reality-tv this place!}
Kenya fundraising/supplies update
Our Summer Solstice Celebration

Happy first day of Summer, my pretties!

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Beka Fox said...

HAHA! I loved this post & I am going to go get some of those books. :)

I love your blog. I feel like we would be great friends. seriously.

you have cute babies. I have cute babies.