Monday, June 11, 2012

The Bachelorette :: Shout Out to West VA!

I was eating up this London visit.
It was beautiful and so full of culture and just...Europe. 
I'm a gonner over Europe.

Sean and Emily's date.
See that picture down there?
 See it?
I want one of those; with the historic Buckingham balcony behind myself and Mr. B. lip-lockin'.

Sean is just winner material.
He is so low-key and down to earth.
He's not trying too hard and, not sure if I've mentioned it, he's sort of beautiful.

Emily gave him more than a kiss tonight...she totally gave him her raspy-cold.
I'll bet you he'll be sportin' his very own version of the sexy rasp in a day or two.
I'd also bet you that he doesn't mind a bit.

This group date had me busting a gut.
These guys fake-accenting and fencing and dressed in upholstery fabric and tights...
too good to be true.
Sigh...I love you, reality TV.

Arie and Doug as the chicks: beyond cute.

Ryan and his Marf.

And, I have to admit, although Ryan has been giving me the creeps he is just a little bit charming at times.
His little "Oh, but I'm not quite dead yet..." for the second kiss? 
And he bought her jewelry.
They have chemistry. You can't try to deny it.
They do.
But, the guy wore several man scarves.
Barf on the marf.

Kreepy Kalon lived up to his beloved nickname.
I don't even need to elaborate. You all saw it. You know exactly what I'm talking about.
He has no idea how much fun an exhausted, sick mother with a child awaiting her at home can be.
Just ask Mr. B. We're barrels of laughs.
Bye bye, luxury brand consultant.
I hope your coach class plane ride home is luxurious.

Emily + One F + Jean the Etiquette Instructor = True Love Forever.
The first part of this date was just so full of Jean.
I really like One F. I do.
But I'm not sure he was old enough to drink that pint.
And a person his age definitely shouldn't be kissing like that.

But his whole handbag schpeal was pretty smooth. 
I liked that a lot.
I actually like him a lot.

...He'd look really cute in my kid's stroller.
: )

And, you guys, I've been to West Virginia. 
Emily's not kidding around.
It's a rough kind o' place.

Boys with undeniable connections with Emily:
One F Jef

The rest are replaceable and, quite frankly, forgettable.
Who's your favorite for our girl?
I'm going with Sean...or, dare I say? Jef. 



Jamie Willow said...

One f Jeff and gorgeous Emily remind me of Ryan and Rachel Skoog. I could totally see them working.
But Sean is my personal pick....I thought maybe Ari but I think that flame is flickering out.
I just love Emily...she's pretty, feisty, nice and a good mama. I want to be her friend.

Saundra said...

You know I'm mad that I'm posting about the show I would never watch in a million years....Sean all the way! He. is. hot.

Alicia Marie said...

I kinda wished that she didn't lose her voice at Kalon. Never poke mamma bear.
I am liking sean and, reluctantly, JeF. I still think Arie may come in from behind....

Who knows?

Who. Knows.

Andrea said...

Sean has been my fave for a couple weeks. I'd say the top 3 are going to be Ari, Jef, and Sean. With Sean and Ari till the end. And I hope she picks Sean. He's down to earth, seems to know what he wants and doesn't seem caught up in the hype of this show.

I hope Emily finds a great catch, and this "works" for her. I'd love to see another couple truly in love like Trista and Ryan.

lance lockhart said...

Sean, Jef and not Arie....he is on the way out.....

Steph said...

Ok...why, oh WHY can't they finish or even START dessert??? Jef and Emily just left that amazing dessert sitting there...I am disgusted :/

That is all...

Oh, except that Jef seems to be quite the kisser...whoa!