Monday, June 25, 2012

The Bachelorette :: Pretty Prague

Kid's in bed. Check.
Comfy, stretch pants. Check.
My spot on the couch. Check.
Red wine in hand. Check.

Prague. Check and check.

Em's date with Arie.
So much of the awkward.
Em: "I know, I really like when people are totally open and honest."
Arie: "Well, what else do you like?"
Em: "You know, when people don't lie and there are no secrets."
Arie: "Okay, yeah, that's a good idea. Anything else that's important?"
Em: "Loyalty. Honesty. No secrets."
Em. Really.
How about YOU start with being open and honest?
It could go something like this: 
"I know something you don't know I know.
I know about you and what's-her-name. Wish you woulda said something."
That's it. Problem solved.
Lordy, I hate games.

It seemed like things were worked out well by the end though.
And I think that circumstances like this bring a couple closer together. 
Emily went through the swing of emotions from wounded to pissed to enamored with him again and that will absolutely strengthen her ties to him.
Like a real, live relationship.

Things are looking good for old Arie.
Real good.

I loved the Lennon wall and all of the history Emily treated John to on this date.
I wanna go on that date with Emily!
Pick me! We'd have so much fun.
But I was kind of dying when they were painting on the wall...
"Don't paint over history!"

Here's a funny thing: 
John has had two dinner dates.
One was in a cave and one was in a dungeon.
I'm gonna go out on a limb and say: TMI on the girlfriend cheating story.
I really don't think she needs/wants that depth of info on your sad, failed relationship.
Not at this point in the game.

Note to moody booty Chris:
Hey, ManBaby, you signed up for the Bachelorette.
This girl is supposed to go on dates with other dudes.
I don't like him. There. I said it.

I want to know how many times Sean really shouted "Emily!" in the dark streets of Prague and how many times they dubbed it over.
But, the little girl princess-wannabe inside of me was glowing at the thought of him running through the streets looking for her. 
: ) 
*Giggle, giggle.*
He's dreamy.
And I blushed when they kissed.
And Mr. B. saw me blush.
So...that was fun.

Group date:
Oh Doug.
Oh, oh, oh.
That kiss. Way too little, waaaay too late.
He was a good one...just, not on Emily's speed.
Maybe in the real world, buddy, but not in Bachelorette world.
Really though? It's hard to blame the guy.
There are cameras in your are you supposed to make out in those conditions?

I will not make fun of Jef. I will not make fun of Jef. I will not make fun of Jef.
I adored the Jef date.
How did that guy know how to work marionettes?! He had marionette Michael Jackson moon walking!
Mind officially blown.

This is a family blog, but this was the only picture I could find of those two!
Hubba hubba.
The library was unbelievable.
Dream date.
And I thought it was romantic when Mr. B. took me to Barnes & Noble.
The Bachelorette: making men step up their game since 2002.

But seriously, these two mesh.
They're adorable together.

Wardrobe notes:
The cream, sparkly, lacy lil shorts she was wearing on the Arie date?
And completely right with the menswear shirt and blazer.

I love something my BFF sister-in-law said in the comments on my last Bachelorette blog:
She said she loves that she's not feeling like yelling at the TV with every rose Emily is giving out.
Like...ahem...Ashley's season.
{Bentley, anyone?}
Emily is so unannoying in her choices.
So spot on.
I just feel comfy watching her...not freaked out like past seasons.


Saundra said...

OH BOYsss....I stillvcannot believe I'm watching this show. I really like her. I really like Sean. I really liked little boy Jef's date lying on the floor staring at the ceiling talking about life together...mush...going in and buying a puppet for Ricky...points! Get a new hairdo, please. "Crybaby/I have to talk to you" boy needed to go home. Man. Up. There Ash, you got me.

maegan said...

I was thinking of this to point out on here as I was watching it.
Aries date was awkward...but she's smitten.
John- poor thing... Too little too late. He was so sure of himself which made it awkward.
Manbaby- ugh. I'm over him. I HATE his voice. I cringe when I hear it.
Sean- I Love him. They would make beautiful blonde babies.
Jeff- he finally grew on me tonight. I lived their cheesy puppet show. But he made me laugh.

I can't wait for home towns!

maegan said...

OH and Doug- poor, poor thing. He just doesn't know what to do or say to women. He was too broken.... I liked him from the beginning so I was sad to see him suck so bad.

Alicia Marie said...

Agree with you on all points.
Doug is so hurt...he needs more time...

Chris is psycho. Insane bottled rage. scary.

Who is John?! I mean really, who is that guy again?

For the first time, I noticed that Jef has really nice eyes. I got the connection this week.

Love Sean and Jef. Arie is good, but sometimes awkward. (Never noticed how salt and pepper he was till today)

Fun. Fun.

Jamie Willow said...

I think it will be Sean and Arie at the end...

I think Chris will go home next...I think she was going to keep him before his little stunt, but we will never know. I think the 3 she really likes are obvious. Chris is just along for another week cause she had to have 4.

I loved that during their brief spontaneous talk at the end she somehow managed to find an amazing red blanket to wrap up in for I swear they have someone on staff who is responsible only for Emily's blankets...and they are all so lovely :)

loving Bachelorette! yay!

Andrea said...

Yes, seriously who is john? I wished she had 1 less roses to give so that she could send both Chris and John home.

Chris, oh my! Debbie Downer and so whiny. Goodness!

Sean, running through the streets made the episode. I love that most of them & Emily are "throwing the rules" out the window and doing their own thing.

I think Chris will go home next week.

Sean, Jef & Arie will be the final three.

And I think it'll come down to maybe Sean & Arie.

we'll see i might change my mind after home towns next week. Jef is growing on me, but the question is; is he growing on Emily?