Monday, June 4, 2012

The Bachelorette :: "One Booze Cruise Does Not A Sailor Make"

If I had a dream that I was in Bermuda and going sailing, this is what I would be wearing in that dream.

She looked flawless.
She's kind of my hero.
I feel about her the way I felt about Jillian, except Emily's blonde.
So. That's all I need to say.
: )
{Except that she did admit to not working out...and she has a body like that?! 
So I'm a little bit mad about that.}

Here's the deal. Doug comes off as Mr. Perfect. And maybe he's close.
But I found a few issues:
He's clueless. Emily wanted that kiss. He didn't give it to her. She was upset.
He's got a lil temper. Lighten up, dude. Take a joke.
He was talking about himself in 1st person. That's weird.
But I still like him.
He seriously should have kissed her though.

The sailboat racing stressed me out.

Here's what I wish: I wish Charlie hadn't cried like a boo-boo baby on the way home from the beach.
I wish Ryan didn't say stupid stuff about getting fat and trophy wives.
I wish Arie and Emily's kiss scene wasn't shot so up close. His lips used to be sexy.
I wish One-F didn't say "like" so much, and I wish he didn't look of age to order off the kid's menu.
I wish I had this nubbly blanket:

Girls. How about Ryan laying the guilt trip on thick about kissing other guys?


It was kind of like, "I really was hoping you'd be a good role model. But you're not, and that's disappointing."
I wonder what he would have been saying if she'd been kissing on him.
He probably wouldn't have a problem at all.
Utterly gross.
No one would watch his Bachelor season.
Hey, Mr. Good-Catch,
if I caught you, I'd throw you right back in.

Holy awkward 2-on-1 date!
I was dying.

I was DYING when Nate called quinoa "quee-noah."
ACK! Dude, it's pronounced "keen-wah."
Major idiot moment; I'm sorry to say.
The worst was that he was trying to be cool in knowing what it was.
And then he cried. So, goodbye.

And then John, the Wolf {whatever that's about...} was nice and natural and confident and he didn't cry.
All pluses.
But I don't really think he's got what many of the other boys have.
Pretty sure he'll be on a plane home in the next week or so.

I love some of the questions Sean has been asking.
Makes me think he's actually really thinking about what life would be like with Emily & Ricky.

The Doug/Chris confrontation at the end of the night was weird.
I didn't get it.
I have a feeling there was a little interference from a couple of guys named Testosterone and Alcohol. 
Those to trouble-makers are to blame for a lot of problems...

Emily's talk with Chris H. was so, so good. 
She's got a head on her shoulders and I'm pretty sure she's going to be using it when it comes to making her decisions.
She's got too much on the line - with that sweet little girl - not to.

I have a theory:
A lot of these guys are intimidated by Emily's beauty.
There were so many kiss ops. Kissertunities, if you will.
{I'm sorry, that was lame.}
And the guys {ahem, One-F, Doug} wimped out big time.
I think she gets pretty disappointed when she feels the kiss and the moment passes by without one.

I have another theory:
 {supported quite nicely by one of my Bachelorette watchin' buddies}
Producers are making Em keep Ryan.
She sees right through him {although I'm not sure she sees the extent of it} yet she still gives him roses.

I was surprised to see Charlie go home instead of Alejandro.
He was one of my kinda-favorites.

On to next week.


Alicia Marie said...

I like Emily more and more...but I hate that she talks about never working out and she looks like she does. Makes me want to bury my head in the sand...
Totally was annoyed with the whole quwi-noah moment. Why don't they eat their dang food?!
I hope Emily plays Ryan like a fiddle....he is in need of that, badly.
On F reminds me of a 14 year old.
Chris kind looks like an alien...

And I am done.

Andrea said...

you are so funny! i agree, emily is a fave in my book as well.

i love how every guys says that "no other guy has connection with her like i do.!" duh seriously are they for real?

ryan, i dislike him even more each day. he says such stupid things.

sean, love him glad he gets a date next week.

one F Jef, so awkward already. I like him, but he should really kiss her already.

doug, you're working my last nerve!

i was sad to see Charlie go over the Shroom farmer. the two one one date so awkwardly painful, why oh why do they make her do that!?

i can hardly wait for next week to see who Emily lays the smack down on for calling her daughter baggage!

Steph said...

I finally caught up on all 4 weeks!! It only took one week to be hooked (again!)...

Your post pretty much sums up what I thought about week 4. Here is what stands out to me...

- gross close up of Arie and Emily kissing

- Ryan's gotta go, but I liked Alicia's idea...Play him a bit...bring him down a few notches...especially for that trophy wife/won't love on ya crap!

- Doug was a bit too defensive when Chris confronted him. I loved Chris' comment though.."Would you like me to go talk to someone else about it?" At least he went to Doug directly...something is up with him though

- Kalon: why is he here? I want to barf every time they show him! ...and did he REALLY wear skinny jeans??? I think I just threw up in my mouth....

- Jef: cute and I like him, but reminds me of of the Jesse/DeAnna combo and we all know how that turned out...

Can I just say how much I LOVE Emily!!!!! I really like her personality! She seemed so demure and quiet on Brad's season...I loved her convo with Chris H. right before the rose ceremony!

Now I can't wait for next week...thanks a LOT *wink*

Steph said...

What I meant to say about the Chris/Doug this was that something was up with DOUG...not Chris :)

Callie said...

Love your recaps, my dear. I wish I could support Doug a bit more. He's just annoying to me. I really like Jef-one-f, though. I see him as a finalist. She's peeling back the onion on that one.