Monday, June 18, 2012

The Bachelorette :: "I Know, Right? Right?!"

She's really going to hate that she said that more than 1000 times when she watches this back.

Who knew?
So breathtakingly beautiful.
And did you see those streets? 
Really, really clean.
I mean, as streets go, they were pretty comfy.
I wanna go there.
{Mission accomplished, Croatia travel bureau.}

Her date with good ol' Mississippi Boy, Travis, (aka Mama Ostrich) was sweet but...
just so, so sweet.
And that's all.

But I personally really liked the Umbrella Throw as he walked away in the rain.
Quite a nice way to show your pissed-off'dness.
"I'm mad." *throws umbrella* "I'd rather stalk away, wet and dejected, in the rain."

The group date.
Dudes in Skirts. On Donkeys.
I mean, if I were a girl with six cutey cute boys at my disposal, I would put them in kilts and make them ride livestock too.
Reason # 3329 Emily is my girl.

"Hey, you guys, I really respect you...but I'd like for you to don this plaid man-skirt, knee highs and ride a non-horse in the wilderness.
And, I really want to see your biceps as you do this, so don't forget the tight tanks I have provided."

It was fun to watch the guys shoot arrows and toss logs.
Poor Chris looked like an absolute girl during the archery contest.
One F was adorable (as always) but a little wimpy - not surprised, once he hits puberty he might bulk up.
Sean was, in our girl's words, "friggin' hot." I concur.
Arie is still so pretty, like, so so pretty. Especially with a little scruff on his face.
And, stopping the girl in the middle of the street for a make-out shesh? Such a good move.

More about One F - he's really, super into her.
And I'm loving him more and more every week.
I just really like to say stuff about how baby-faced he is. 
It's like, my favorite joke; is that obvious?

Lawd have mercy, Ryan likes to gush on and on about himself.
Is this guy real?
Part of me feels like he's cast himself as the villain of this season as is saying any junk that comes to his mind.
Like, "what's going to make the people hate me the very most? Yeah, I'm gonna say that crap."

They went oystering and she spit that slimy little guy right over the edge.
Reason #3330.

The oyster wasn't the only slimy guy she spit out.

Um. You guys.
She surprised Ryan so, so much.
She had the dude stuttering.
Ryan. Stuttering.
But I really wanted him to stop talking. 
Buddy. Just. Stop. Talking.
He tried his hardest to sell her on him...but girlfriend followed her instinct.
A girl who follows her gut in the face of a smooth-talking, charmer.
Reason #3331.

Girls. Turquoise shoes and facial hair in the shape of bat fangs.
And his exit speech.
{Part of me would not be even a little bit surprised if we see Ryan again this season...}

Some notes:

Arie gave her the sucker-fish lips. Cringe.
But they're pretty cute together.

A few guys dropped the "L" bomb.
Chris, Arie, Jef.

We found Doug's flaw: self-esteem in the gutters. scared of Emily.
He needs the Little Mermaid lagoon scene:
"Sha la la la la la don't be shy, you gotta KISS DA GIRL."

I wanna see Brave.

I was so surprised by the John/Doug extra rose upheaval.
John seems funny and nice and down to earth 
{which is really very surprising considering he's from St. Louis.}
: ) maybe he has a chance.
But probably not.

I am just loving this season. It feels good.
Like, vintage Bachelor(ette).
I like the guys. Lots.
I adore Emily - she's savvy and real.

'Til next week, dearies.


Alicia Marie said...

I like Emily more and more every episode. I like that she kicked Ryan out. And I really like Croatia.

Andrea said...

I'm glad she let Ryan go, she went with her gut. I don't really think he's that much of a creep, I think he was just trying to mess/joke with the guys and mess with their heads kinda Like Michelle did on Brad's 2nd season and they all hated her but that wasn't really all she was about, still his behavior was confusing enough for Emily, so I'm glad she let him go.

Jef, liking him more and more each day.

Sean, still my fave.

Doug, needs to man up and show this girl how he feels. It's getting a bit sad.

I didn't like how she choose to keep Doug & John. I wish she would have let them both go last night. But, where would the suspense be if she did. But, I don't see either of them sticking around to much longer.

Jamie Willow said...

Unlike Ashley's season where I weekly yelled at my tv in hopes of talking sense into the woman, Emily is spot on with her judgement of these guys and I love it.

The 6 left are all good guys. That has never happened before in the times I've watched.

Loving all the destinations too. It's like she picked all her bucket list places and is nerding out enjoying them...she'd be fun to travel with :)

Ashley said...

Andrea - I'm totally with you! I think Ryan was playing up the "crazy." I mean, not to say I think he was a stand-up guy...but I don't think he was THAT terrible.
I'm pretty sure Emily kinda liked his unpredictability but looked at him and thought he was probably not "Daddy" material for Ricky. That's just my personal opinion on it. :)

I think both John and Doug have their days numbered too. She's just prolonging the inevitable.

I'd love a finale of Sean and Jef {maybe Arie...}

Jamie - I am so HAPPY that this girl has a head on her shoulders! I absolutely think a lot of it has to do with Ricky though. She has way too much riding on a good decision here and it's keeping her more accountable. She can't just go with who's the most fun or she has the most chemistry with. She needs a family man.

Ashley said...

It's just so nice to have a (mostly) stress-free Bachelor watching experience. :)