Monday, May 21, 2012

Mother's Day, Babes in a Garden and A Box Full o' Love

If you can't tell from the title, this post is going to be one of those fun little catch-all numbers.

Mother's Day was a success.
It involved breakfast in bed.
Which was an awkward event considering I am not a morning person and I was on the verge of telling the three piglets to GET OUT! because they're raucous voices disturbing my rare opportunity to sleep in wasn't my favorite thing.
 Even though they did come baring pancakes and bacon. 
I roused myself in true mommy fashion enough to save-face and plaster on a sleepy smile.
They sure were cute, though.

We visited the park and Lowes, did some gardening and yard clean-up {much needed} and CPK with a little Oberweis ice cream action to wrap it all up.
And Mr. B., darling man that he is, presented me with the sweetest little, diamond studded wedding band.
{I've been without one all these years, happy with my bangin' engagement ring by itself.}

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The Three and I on Mother's Day.
You can see that I have quite the nice "gardener's tan" from my poorly-chosen high necked shirt.
This is why I usually garden in the nude.
{KIDDING! Haha! Sorry for the visual.}
: )


Speaking of the garden...
I love it.
It's sad this year.
Quite neglected and bedraggled, but I still love it.
And there's just something about children in a garden that is magic. 

Dimpled fingers reaching for an irresistible berry.

The first juicy bite of a sun-ripened strawberry.

The juice dripping down...

Okay, I'll admit, while I was taking this one all I could think of was getting stain remover on that spot.

But isn't there just an extra element to a garden when you add children to it?
Wonder, curiosity, awe.

Here...the promise of vine ripe tomatoes.

Yep there is magic - and even rainbows - when babes are in the garden.


And today I received the most exciting box of love since this box a few years ago.
My very first supply donation box for Kenya!
It was beautiful and heavy {don't you just love heavy mail?}.

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I literally squealed and did a little dance when I opened it.
Never been this excited about band aids and gummy vitamins before.
I'm just beside myself with anticipation.
I cannot wait to shower my {and yours!} love on the people of Kenya.

{via instagram}
If you'd like to donate supplies or funds to my Kenya Medical Mission you can email me at 
starcrossedserves @ hotmail . com
Read about my upcoming trip here.
Find the supply list here.
To donate you can click my Pay Pal "donate" button at the top right of this blog.

I am so excited about this.
So is she...

In other news...
Today was Beck's last day of Kindergarten.
I'm dying over how quickly this boy is growing up.
He's such a beautiful person.
He really is.

And tonight? 
The Bachelorette.
We shall discuss...


Anonymous said...

I absolutely LOVED the beautiful flowers!!!! Had no idea you grew them yourself...that makes them even more fabulous! Hope you saw the bag of medical this and that in Beck's backpack Monday night ;-)

Amy Fitch said...

"Anonymous" was Mrs. Fitch, aka Amy :-)