Sunday, May 6, 2012

Kenya Medical Mission :: Update

If you haven't read about my Medical Mission to Kenya at the end of this summer, read here first.

I promised an update about the fund-raising...this is so amazing.
Get ready. 
The trip itself carries a cost of $3,000 and {including donations and pledges} I have about $100 until I've met that goal.
One hundred dollars! That's it.
I'm floored. I'm awed. I'm blessed beyond measure. a way, I'm not at all surprised.
When God decides it's time to do something he makes it totally, 100% possible.
He is so faithful.

The truth is, my trip is all but paid for.
I made a really nice payment toward it last week...

But I'm still asking for your support.
I need your prayers. Always.
I also need to meet the needs of a supply list.
We can only use what we bring with us on this trip.
Any shipments of supplies sent ahead of the groups seem to get mysteriously "lost" once it gets to the country and the groups giving care never see their precious medical supplies.
So, we buy what we need to use and bring it with us.

I have had so many of you request the supply list and am so grateful that you're willing to donate in that way.
Any money I collect from now on will go straight toward buying medical supplies to bring with me.

So I'm still asking for donations to meet the above-and-beyond cost of medical supplies.
If you wish to donate, please use my pay pal account set up for this purpose.
Or you can email me at starcrossedserves @ hotmail . com to get information on other ways to donate.

This is the list of medical supplies we need:

*Vitamins (children’s chewable and adult)
Pain relievers (adult and child acetaminophen and ibuprofen)
*Ointment (Bacitracin, Neosporin, Polysporin, Triple Antibiotic)
Oral Antibiotics
Ear/Eye Antibiotics
Scabies/Lice Lotions and Shampoos
(any size)
*Skin Ointments and Creams
(antifungal, anti-itch; with and without hydrocortisone)
Surgical Gloves
(non sterile)
Sun Glasses & Reading Glasses
Gatorade and PediaLyte
Toothbrushes and Toothpaste
Tongue depressors
*Hand Sanitizer/Handiwipes/Wet Ones
Wound Dressings
Betadine Scrub
Vaginal Creams

*Items marked with an asterisk are most needed on the list.
All medications and creams must not be past their expiration dates.

If you would rather donate that way, I am all for it!
Email me for my address so you can send all the goodies my way.

I would like to thank all of you who have donated or pledged thus far.
I am so blessed to have you in my life...and so are the people of Kenya.
: )

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And, as always, I'll keep you posted on the progress!


Andrea said...

That's awesome! What an amazing blessing, I can't wait to hear more about this trip!

Sabrina said...

I have at least 50 syringes, maybe more.. 20g needles? I think? Maybe 24g? Left over from several IVF's. Need these?