Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Bachelorette :: It's HIYAH Time!

Jeeze, I adore Miss Piggy.
I love me a little Muppet action. 
Always have.

I'm not completely sure how to feel about the way she laid it on thick with Cutie McCute Ryan.
She asked some tough questions!
I think he was a little taken aback...I mean, for the first date she was quite serious.
But then again, if he's all the man he thinks he is he should be able to handle it.
I thought he did it with grace.
 And, O.Em.Gee. The little cat/mouse banter between those two was adorableness itself.
Southern Gentleman + Southern Belle = Perf.

Charlie's stage fright was actually pretty reassuring.
At least we know this guy isn't chasing fame by going on the show.
For the record: he's one of my favorites.
She needs to snuggle him.
: )

Cringe-worthy moment of the night: Stevie going Jersey Shore on stuffy old Kalon.

Prediction: You both lose. Stop fighting.

Not gonna lie, her rose to One F Jef surprised me.
I don't really see what she sees in him.
He looks approximately 16 years old.

Emily's little gold number for her airplane date with Joe was unreal.
She looked flawless.
Perfect fashion...less than perfect dude.
Buh bye, no-spark Joe.
You were a rude loser. 
The End.

Things I have to say:
Kalon kreeps me out.
Watching cute lil Ricky giggle at her mama on stage was adorable.
Arie & Sean are beautiful. She needs a serious date with those guys.
Doug is nice, but a lil touchy about the parenting comments.
Lord bless her, girl cannot sing.
Drunken slurred exit speeches are hilarious.
Next week: More grown men crying. Nicely done, Em.


Kayla said...

As always....totally worth me staying up late to read :-) I do love Charlie after his "human" stage fright moment! And 1 F Jef has got to go and so does I think I know what a luxury brand consultant is! How awkward was the 7 page letter moment?!

maegan said...

I didnt get the rose for Jef either. How do you like the whole idea of it being in her hometown? They must have REALLY wanted her for the bachelorette to comply with all of that.

I feel bad, the guys dont really get to go do anything awesome.. but on the other hand, its real life. Why butter it up?

I like Doug and Ryan.. maybe Arie.

Amy said...

Ashley, I've been anxiously awaiting this blog!! Ok, Ryan is great, but I didn't really like his reaction to baking cookies...he was one of my top 5 and I am not sure if he lived up to it. Chris totally creeps me out, I can't believe she thinks he is "good looking" yuck! One f Jef I'm totally with you on. I am completely in love with Charlie :) Kalon......I want to punch him in his fake-toothed face. Can't wait for her date with Arie!

Ashley said...

@kayla - what is a luxury brand consultant?! Gotta know!
The 7 page letter was terrible. So, so awkward. The stuff The Bachelorette is made of. :)

@mae - Okay. The dates were boring tonight. Boo.

@Amy - I agree. I had super high hopes for Ryan. I think he may putter out before he can really win her...but maybe not? Let's get more enthusiastic about cookie baking, shall we?!
Arie...that kiss looked...well...yay. :)

KimmyD584 said...

One F Jef reminds me of someone from the Breakfast Club. Ryan seems fishy to me. He is hot, but something about him rubs me the wrong way. We will see. I really don't have a fav yet, but Charlie seems superb :)

Andrea said...

I liked Ryan before the date, now I just don't know. He seems a little "too" perfect and I don't really feel like he took her questions on the date seriously, and really answered them.

Arie, can't wait till their date. they look like they could get along well and have fun.

I agree with the other ladies, tonight's dates and episode seemed a little dull & boring. Hopefully next week picks up.

Beka Fox said...

AHHHH! I am just catching up with everything and BOOM. I love love love EMILY! :) AHHHHH!

Also. I love love loooove her fashion. she is so real. lovable. and DOWN TO EARTH. HEART.

Did you see all her makeup? That puts my 90s caboodle to shame.