Monday, May 14, 2012

Bachelorette Emily :: I Believe in Love and Fabulous Shoes

I mean, c'mon, really?
She opens the night with, "I want a minivan full of babies."
I love this girl.
It's done. She's my bud.
Babies is what it's all about. 

Babies and nude baubled gowns with impossibly perfect hair.

Tonight did not disappoint on the awkward meter.
These first meetings are always deliciously strange.
Some of the dudes got way too intimate, some danced (loved it) and some couldn't even make eye contact.
And this? "the name's Charming, Prince Charming." 
Gross. Put the shoe away.

I'm upset that this guy showed up in a granny costume.
Dude, this isn't Let's Make a Deal or your cousin's Halloween party.

Mother Hen.
That was possibly the worst Bachelor/ette gimmick I've ever seen.
So profoundly icky.

The best {best, best, best} gimmick ever?
This dude.
With his "You're Beautiful." sign.
He won the show in that moment.
That little moment right there.

This guy? Jef {with one f, don't forget}.
He's BFF material.
I felt so sparks, nada.
"Seriously? You just rolled up on a skateboard."

The question we're all wondering: What in heaven's name is a luxury brand consultant?
And is being a major jack you-know-what a prerequisite?

This one? 
Mr. Doug, with his adorable TearjerkerLetterToEmily FromSonLeftAtHome?
Well played, single dad. Well played.
So cute.

Did you see her face when he-of-the-luscious-lips said he was a racer?
Yeah...she played it off well, but I think it was a "thing" for her.
We shall see.

It's kinda fun to watch Emily.
Just to see what might come out of her perfectly glossed lips next.
My theory is that everything she says sounds just a little bit cuter/funnier/sexier/more unexpected because of her southern belle accent.

And, a word about the previews...
Baby Girl is making grown men cry.
Love. Her.
Don't mess with the accent.
And don't you DARE say a thing about the mini southern belle waiting at home with the babysitter.
Mama's out for blood.
{Do guys not get Mama Bear? Never, ever underestimate Mama Bear.}

Favorite of the Night: RYAN
Worst of the Night: Ostrich Mama TRAVIS
with an honorable mention to Helicopter Show-off Man KALON 
{that's not even a real name...}

And, OMG, have you seen this?
So funny.


Steph said...

I have to admit...I hopped off the Bachelor/Bachelorette train during the "Ben" season...

I just totally lost interest...well, that and I ran out of time..haha!

However, Emily is drawing me back in! I don't WANT to watch it, get hooked etc! It doesn't help that I don't have I have to wait for the next day...or the day after...

I LOVED the bracket idea though!! How fun is that?!?!

Ok, so I *may* give Emily a shot because I love her...She comes across so sweet and quiet, but she's gotta have a fiery little 'tude underneath there...which is kind of awesome :)

Now I'm off to add The Bachelorette back to my Hulu queue :)

Alicia Marie said...

I may or may not watch this season. I do love Emily, so that is the ONLY reason I turned it on. I could barely stomach the awkwardness...

But I do love watching a good momma I will probably tune in :)

Andrea said...

I agree with all of your thoughts. If only we lived closer, we'd have the best bachelorette viewing party eva!

Ryan, he was my fave of the night. His note was so cute.

Egg guy...don't know his name but with a gimmick like that dude, I'm not going to remember your now and now forever refer to you as "Egg Guy."

Yes, what is a luxury brand consultant anyway?! I even asked my Hubs and he didn't have a clue.

Love, love Emily though. I'm excited for this season for sure! Thanks for making Tuesday mornings fun Mrs. B! ;)

Kayla said...

Doug and Ryan are my favorites by far....Chopper Kalon had me literally spitting out my drink - what a *bleep*. I am going to make it my goal to find out what a luxury brand consultant is before the end of the season. I am so happy that they are filming in her hometown so she doesn't have to either leave her kiddo or disrupt her kiddos life. I love that mama bear comes out. Bring on next weeks episode!