Thursday, May 31, 2012

I Found Magic.

If you follow me at all on twitter or know, all the cool kids social networking know that I'm in the midst of my 8 week Women's Health/OB session.
And I am completely head over heels about this aspect of nursing.
I found my passion.
{And, true to people with a passion, I may or may not be a teensy bit annoying about gushing on and on about it.
But, also true to people with a passion, I don't care if I annoy you...I'm going to keep on gushing.}

I shadowed a friend for a shift on an L&D floor at one of St. Louis' biggest and best hospitals last week.
{Thanks, Nicole!}

The day was perfect. 
I learned so much, saw a great nurse in action and, best of all, watched a couple of new mama's meet their babies for the first time.

I drove home after my 12 hour day with my feet hurting, my back protesting and my eyes filled with grateful tears.
I am on the road to doing something I love so much that it makes me cry.

Here's the magic:
God did this thing when he created the mother/baby relationship.
He decided that a mother would carry her baby inside of her body.
In a dark, concealed place.
There are nine months of beautiful bonding that happens - where two people are closer than should ever be humanly possible - and the bond is strong and unbreakable and right.
But the mother doesn't see this small person that she has been building inside of her.
She doesn't know what it will look like, feel like, smell like, until her favorite of all people is born into the world.
And this is why I'm so in love with L&D...
That moment of meeting.
That first glimpse and first touch. 
I am there for that.
I'm there.
And it creates this high that brings me floating above the darkened hospital room with a newly mewling baby and a gasping mother and a beaming father.
It brings me to {at the risk of sounding like a complete loon} a spiritual place.
I stand awed by this God who would have the creativity and love for us to dream up such a breathtaking relationship and union between two people and then think to culminate it in the intense experience of birth.
So, yeah, I love L&D for quite a selfish reason.
It makes me happy.
And it brings me closer to God...I stand open-mouthed and trembling when I see what He created.
You guys.
I'm giddy.
I am so going to love my job.

{And, just a lil disclaimer, I totally don't stand there with tears streaming down my face while a mom does the hard work of birthing her baby. 
I hold myself together and try to look like a normal, capable, trustworthy human being.
So please, erase all mental pictures of me with tear-stained cheeks sobbing and swaying in the corner as I mumble incoherently about miracles and God and new mamas and beautiful babies.
I'm keepin' it all on the inside.} 
: )
*Oh, and we can go ahead an cross off #3 on this list.*

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Bachelorette :: "Dolly Friggin' Parton"

I finally got to enjoy my viewing of The guys, between three kids, classes, clinicals and tests I don't have time to watch it as soon as it airs. 
The agony has been put to rest...I watched. I loved. I am sated.

Em's first date: Chris.

The caption for this pic is: I wanna kiss you but I'll just high-five you instead. 
Mr. B was the champion of the "I wanna kiss you but..." move. 
It was nice for the anticipation factor but really, really bad for the make-your-girlfriend-pissed factor.

Did you see how into Chris she was?
I mean, so smitten. 
She's a gonner with this guy.
Gazing all sparkly-eyed at him, touching his skin at any chance possible, and that kiss, 
{when it finally happened} 
she was completely in it.

Oh, and he's from Chicago. So, you know, he gets 1 point for that.

About the group date:

{Was it really a group date?? I thought Sean was the only one there...}
I super, super love this guy. 
He's delish.
I was so glad Emily sent Tony home.
There was no spark there.

A few notes for the boys:
Dear Ryan, Don't tell the girl she'd better not get fat. Not a good look.
Dear One F Jef, You're adorable. Like, I wanna pinch your cheeks...and change your diaper...
Grow a beard. Or something. You look like you could be Emily's child.
Dear Sean, Don't. Change. A. Thing.
Dear Doug, You are adorbs. Your story made me cry. In a good way. Like, I wanna take care of you. 
So does Emily. Golden.

Date #3: Arie.
I love me some Arie. Good work, Em.
I think I'd feel the same way if someone took me to Dollywood.
Like this: Duhhhhh...Dollywood? Really?

Her genuine surprise was such cuteness. 
I'm not in the least bit into country music {in fact, I really don't like all.}
but I think I'd be absolutely star struck if Dolly walked on stage 20 feet from me.
She's super great, that Dolly P with her bedazzled bosom.

Emily had sparkle-eyes {Mr. B's fond term of affection for love-eyes} all over this date.
Unfortunately, they were aimed mostly at Ms. Parton instead of Arie.
You know it's gotta be a special person to divert the sparkle-eyes from someone like Arie.
This dude is hand.some.

But really, I see lots of potential with Arie and Em.
He had all the right answers and, what's more, he seemed really genuine.
I kinda loved the trick she played on him at Rose Time.
And she got kissed by the Arie-Lips. I'm excited for her. 
: )

"I love it when you talk but I wish you'd let me finish."
Quiz: Who said this? 
Answer: Kalon the Kreep.
I swear my temperature went up about 10 degrees when he said that.
His days are numbered. 
On one hand.
With missing fingers.

Alessandro: An absolute casualty to the language barrier problem.
And he didn't even know it.
In fact, he's absolutely adamant that he didn't fall victim to language barrier.
Hint #1: Stop throwing around the word "compromise." It's a big word, you don't know how to use it.
Hint #2: Don't tell a girl with a kid that you can't even keep a pet alive.
Hint #3: Now, go look up the word, "hint." 

Em's sparkly, shorty-short Aztec skirt was the winner of the show.
Beautifully done, baby-girl.

Aaaaand, I just wanna let you know, Mr. B. is quite the Bachelorette watching expert at this point.
He's got some good insight.
I'm trying to convince him to blog about it...
{never gonna happen. like in 1 million years.}

Until next week, my dears.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Bachelorette :: It's HIYAH Time!

Jeeze, I adore Miss Piggy.
I love me a little Muppet action. 
Always have.

I'm not completely sure how to feel about the way she laid it on thick with Cutie McCute Ryan.
She asked some tough questions!
I think he was a little taken aback...I mean, for the first date she was quite serious.
But then again, if he's all the man he thinks he is he should be able to handle it.
I thought he did it with grace.
 And, O.Em.Gee. The little cat/mouse banter between those two was adorableness itself.
Southern Gentleman + Southern Belle = Perf.

Charlie's stage fright was actually pretty reassuring.
At least we know this guy isn't chasing fame by going on the show.
For the record: he's one of my favorites.
She needs to snuggle him.
: )

Cringe-worthy moment of the night: Stevie going Jersey Shore on stuffy old Kalon.

Prediction: You both lose. Stop fighting.

Not gonna lie, her rose to One F Jef surprised me.
I don't really see what she sees in him.
He looks approximately 16 years old.

Emily's little gold number for her airplane date with Joe was unreal.
She looked flawless.
Perfect fashion...less than perfect dude.
Buh bye, no-spark Joe.
You were a rude loser. 
The End.

Things I have to say:
Kalon kreeps me out.
Watching cute lil Ricky giggle at her mama on stage was adorable.
Arie & Sean are beautiful. She needs a serious date with those guys.
Doug is nice, but a lil touchy about the parenting comments.
Lord bless her, girl cannot sing.
Drunken slurred exit speeches are hilarious.
Next week: More grown men crying. Nicely done, Em.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Mother's Day, Babes in a Garden and A Box Full o' Love

If you can't tell from the title, this post is going to be one of those fun little catch-all numbers.

Mother's Day was a success.
It involved breakfast in bed.
Which was an awkward event considering I am not a morning person and I was on the verge of telling the three piglets to GET OUT! because they're raucous voices disturbing my rare opportunity to sleep in wasn't my favorite thing.
 Even though they did come baring pancakes and bacon. 
I roused myself in true mommy fashion enough to save-face and plaster on a sleepy smile.
They sure were cute, though.

We visited the park and Lowes, did some gardening and yard clean-up {much needed} and CPK with a little Oberweis ice cream action to wrap it all up.
And Mr. B., darling man that he is, presented me with the sweetest little, diamond studded wedding band.
{I've been without one all these years, happy with my bangin' engagement ring by itself.}

{via instagram. follow me! starcrossedb}

The Three and I on Mother's Day.
You can see that I have quite the nice "gardener's tan" from my poorly-chosen high necked shirt.
This is why I usually garden in the nude.
{KIDDING! Haha! Sorry for the visual.}
: )


Speaking of the garden...
I love it.
It's sad this year.
Quite neglected and bedraggled, but I still love it.
And there's just something about children in a garden that is magic. 

Dimpled fingers reaching for an irresistible berry.

The first juicy bite of a sun-ripened strawberry.

The juice dripping down...

Okay, I'll admit, while I was taking this one all I could think of was getting stain remover on that spot.

But isn't there just an extra element to a garden when you add children to it?
Wonder, curiosity, awe.

Here...the promise of vine ripe tomatoes.

Yep there is magic - and even rainbows - when babes are in the garden.


And today I received the most exciting box of love since this box a few years ago.
My very first supply donation box for Kenya!
It was beautiful and heavy {don't you just love heavy mail?}.

{via instagram}

I literally squealed and did a little dance when I opened it.
Never been this excited about band aids and gummy vitamins before.
I'm just beside myself with anticipation.
I cannot wait to shower my {and yours!} love on the people of Kenya.

{via instagram}
If you'd like to donate supplies or funds to my Kenya Medical Mission you can email me at 
starcrossedserves @ hotmail . com
Read about my upcoming trip here.
Find the supply list here.
To donate you can click my Pay Pal "donate" button at the top right of this blog.

I am so excited about this.
So is she...

In other news...
Today was Beck's last day of Kindergarten.
I'm dying over how quickly this boy is growing up.
He's such a beautiful person.
He really is.

And tonight? 
The Bachelorette.
We shall discuss...

Monday, May 14, 2012

Bachelorette Emily :: I Believe in Love and Fabulous Shoes

I mean, c'mon, really?
She opens the night with, "I want a minivan full of babies."
I love this girl.
It's done. She's my bud.
Babies is what it's all about. 

Babies and nude baubled gowns with impossibly perfect hair.

Tonight did not disappoint on the awkward meter.
These first meetings are always deliciously strange.
Some of the dudes got way too intimate, some danced (loved it) and some couldn't even make eye contact.
And this? "the name's Charming, Prince Charming." 
Gross. Put the shoe away.

I'm upset that this guy showed up in a granny costume.
Dude, this isn't Let's Make a Deal or your cousin's Halloween party.

Mother Hen.
That was possibly the worst Bachelor/ette gimmick I've ever seen.
So profoundly icky.

The best {best, best, best} gimmick ever?
This dude.
With his "You're Beautiful." sign.
He won the show in that moment.
That little moment right there.

This guy? Jef {with one f, don't forget}.
He's BFF material.
I felt so sparks, nada.
"Seriously? You just rolled up on a skateboard."

The question we're all wondering: What in heaven's name is a luxury brand consultant?
And is being a major jack you-know-what a prerequisite?

This one? 
Mr. Doug, with his adorable TearjerkerLetterToEmily FromSonLeftAtHome?
Well played, single dad. Well played.
So cute.

Did you see her face when he-of-the-luscious-lips said he was a racer?
Yeah...she played it off well, but I think it was a "thing" for her.
We shall see.

It's kinda fun to watch Emily.
Just to see what might come out of her perfectly glossed lips next.
My theory is that everything she says sounds just a little bit cuter/funnier/sexier/more unexpected because of her southern belle accent.

And, a word about the previews...
Baby Girl is making grown men cry.
Love. Her.
Don't mess with the accent.
And don't you DARE say a thing about the mini southern belle waiting at home with the babysitter.
Mama's out for blood.
{Do guys not get Mama Bear? Never, ever underestimate Mama Bear.}

Favorite of the Night: RYAN
Worst of the Night: Ostrich Mama TRAVIS
with an honorable mention to Helicopter Show-off Man KALON 
{that's not even a real name...}

And, OMG, have you seen this?
So funny.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Kenya Medical Mission :: Update

If you haven't read about my Medical Mission to Kenya at the end of this summer, read here first.

I promised an update about the fund-raising...this is so amazing.
Get ready. 
The trip itself carries a cost of $3,000 and {including donations and pledges} I have about $100 until I've met that goal.
One hundred dollars! That's it.
I'm floored. I'm awed. I'm blessed beyond measure. a way, I'm not at all surprised.
When God decides it's time to do something he makes it totally, 100% possible.
He is so faithful.

The truth is, my trip is all but paid for.
I made a really nice payment toward it last week...

But I'm still asking for your support.
I need your prayers. Always.
I also need to meet the needs of a supply list.
We can only use what we bring with us on this trip.
Any shipments of supplies sent ahead of the groups seem to get mysteriously "lost" once it gets to the country and the groups giving care never see their precious medical supplies.
So, we buy what we need to use and bring it with us.

I have had so many of you request the supply list and am so grateful that you're willing to donate in that way.
Any money I collect from now on will go straight toward buying medical supplies to bring with me.

So I'm still asking for donations to meet the above-and-beyond cost of medical supplies.
If you wish to donate, please use my pay pal account set up for this purpose.
Or you can email me at starcrossedserves @ hotmail . com to get information on other ways to donate.

This is the list of medical supplies we need:

*Vitamins (children’s chewable and adult)
Pain relievers (adult and child acetaminophen and ibuprofen)
*Ointment (Bacitracin, Neosporin, Polysporin, Triple Antibiotic)
Oral Antibiotics
Ear/Eye Antibiotics
Scabies/Lice Lotions and Shampoos
(any size)
*Skin Ointments and Creams
(antifungal, anti-itch; with and without hydrocortisone)
Surgical Gloves
(non sterile)
Sun Glasses & Reading Glasses
Gatorade and PediaLyte
Toothbrushes and Toothpaste
Tongue depressors
*Hand Sanitizer/Handiwipes/Wet Ones
Wound Dressings
Betadine Scrub
Vaginal Creams

*Items marked with an asterisk are most needed on the list.
All medications and creams must not be past their expiration dates.

If you would rather donate that way, I am all for it!
Email me for my address so you can send all the goodies my way.

I would like to thank all of you who have donated or pledged thus far.
I am so blessed to have you in my life...and so are the people of Kenya.
: )

Wordle: list

And, as always, I'll keep you posted on the progress!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

The Bachelorette :: Notes to Emily

This, my dears is the portion of the blog in which I become completely superficial and absorbed in worthless pop-culture.
This is the beginning of the Bachelorette posts...
this is my playground.

You will now witness an absolutely disgusting display of flaky judgement calls based entirely on some dudes' headshots.

...and you'll like it.
A lot.

These are a few of the guys in Emily's lineup of 25 bachelors for her season of The Bachelorette
{beginning in just about one week...eeep!}
: )
Some of you hate me right now...

These guys are alternately adorable, totally unattractive, seriously creepy and yummy.
Leave it up to me to tell you {and Emily...because we know she wants my help} which title belongs to which man.

Let the ridiculous judgement calls commence.

Alejandro{didn't lady gaga write a song about this guy?}
This one's got a few red-flags...we'll put him on the creep-ster list.
He's a 'shroom farmer.
For realz.
Also, he made at least two references to his sweet mother in his bio...mama's boy.
Drop him. 
{and lady gaga wrote a song about him, I promise.}

David{interesting fact: I dated like three guys named David...they didn't work out.}
 Here's the singer/songwriter of the bunch.
There had to be one, it's Bachelorette tradition.
He uses big words in his bio. This could be really good or really bad.
And, like I said, he's a muscian...I dated a few of those too...
they're generally creeps.
He just got Creep-Listed.

{he only wishes he were french}
 Ah yes...Or should I say "oui"?
Jean-Paul fancies himself an intellectual.
He loves Malcom Gladwell and likes to sit "under the stars wrapped in a blanket talking about our greatest fears" {oh brother...}.
But get this, he wants his superpower to be "Pacifier Powers" so he could calm everyone down and help them chill out to promote world peace.
Thank you, Jean-Paul, the Miss America pageant is right through that door.
Break a leg...or whatever.

Jef{with one "f" because he's spontaneous and unique that way}
 This guy is a problem.
Here's why: he describes himself as an impatient perfectionist who likes to talk.
Sick. He sounds digusting.
And his hair is ridic.
Moving on.


{from St. Louis}
This one's from St. Louis.
Which is unfortunate because he has a very nice smile.
But, do you remember what happened the last time we had a gentleman from the StL?
Do you?
It involved a mask... 
Let's not do this again.

Nate{with the vacant stare}
He looks a little deer-in-the-headlights here.
He gets a point for talking about his parents inspiring marriage.
But then he ruins it by saying he was put on the planet to be the center of attention and lead people.
He might be good, he might be bad.
It all hinges on how tall he is... 

Michael{needs a haircut}
Needs a haircut.
Has impeccable taste in music {J.Timberlake, B.Mars and J.Mayer}
...but should really get a haircut.
Is southern, which is good for Emily...
but his hair?
Likes surprising people and wants a woman who is spiritual and optimistic.
He has really long hair though...soooo... 

And...lest you thought I was an evil condescending are the boys I like!

{from Wisconsin}
 Oh...he's adorable.
Not like steamy-hot, avert-your-eyes-you-covetous-sinner adorable.
He just looks nice; which is comfortable; which might be what Emily needs.
And, from his bio he seems like a man of few words...which is just how it should be since guys should generally be seen and not heard.
{The three boy-readers of this blog loooove me right now.}
Plus, he's from Wisconsin...and that one guy I dated that actually did work out hailed from that
So, I approve.

Ryan{thinks Michael Jordan was an "artist"}
Our friend Ryan has quite the jaw-line.
This jaw line will keep him around for a few weeks.
And, about his sentiments on Michael Jordan...I absolutely concur.
I love me a little M.J. 

 Sean should be proud of himself.
He is the first in the lineup to be included in the "yummy" category.
His photo was enough to grant the title but he also says he likes to laugh at himself,
he loves NYC but comes from Texas, and is an athelete.
Ding, ding, ding!

Tony{from Oregon}
 Tony is really interesting to me because he's from Oregon...
and, to me, Oregon is the Land of Milk and Honey. Totally a promised land.
So that makes me like him.
{FYI: I'm cracking myself up right now.}
Also, he is a lumber trader.
What does that mean?
Here's what it means to me: plaid shirts, muscles, men hoisting trees and using big machinery, strong hands.
This is all good.
Tony is golden.

{not to be confused with Alejandro up at the top}
 He's from Brazil.
He's trilingual.
He's outdoorsy.
He does long hair right.
{long-locks up there should take a few notes...}
As a rule foreign guys are dreamy.
So...that's fun.

Arie{umm...look at his lips}
Did you? Did you look at his lips??
He's from the Netherlands so he gets the foreigner points.
But wait...we come to a screeching halt when we see his profession...
Race. Car. Driver.
That was the profession of Emily's deceased fiance.
This could be really strange.
I mean, it might be just fine...but I'm betting on really strange.

That's the end of my tirade.
If you hate me and never want to lay eyes on my blog again, I don't blame you.
But if you loved it and want to follow along on the rest of my Bachelorette ridiculousness...
I LOVE YOU and we should be best friends.

The End.
{until May 14th...}

All photos and bachelor bios from here.