Wednesday, April 18, 2012

New Mama Care Package

A few weeks ago one of my best girlfriends had her first baby.
We live sort of long-distance...
She: Chicago
Me: St. Louis

You have to know that when I saw those first facebook photos posted of her perfect little guy I was ready to jump in my car right then and hurtle myself straight up highway 55 to Chicago.

I didn't.

But I did send her a box of new-mama must-haves to help her through those first rough weeks.

Here's what was inside...

A few of Britt's used BabyLegs.
Because, as cute as they are, big-toddler-boys like Britt don't look the coolest in leg warmers.

My kid's favorite book, Time for Bed by Mem Fox.
I think I've bought this one for every friend with a new baby...
this is that book I have memorized because all three loved it so.

A few things that - in my opinion - are completely essential for the new mother.
{take yourselves to Trader Joe's right this moment and buy this chocolate. divinity.}

A burned CD of my favorite lullabies. 
The playlist that new-baby-Britt and I wore out the floor to in his colic days.

A little sustenance. 
Because Lord knows there's not much cooking going on in those early days.
Spicy for daddy and mild for mama & babe.
{Spiced Nuts recipe here.}

I will post my lullabye playlist in the next few days...
just the sweetest little set of songs perfect for a slow mama/baby waltz in the candlelight.

This weekend I'm putting myself on a train headed north to snuggle my new little baby friend and congratulate his beautiful mama in person. 
: )


Andrea said...

What a fun little gift for a new Mom! Enjoy your trip seeing Abby and little Reid! Love, new little babes!

[not the] Best Blog Ever said...

Wow, so nice! Shall I send you my address??


Herryponting said...

That's great.
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