Thursday, April 19, 2012

Lullaby Playlist

Over the Rainbow :: Judy Garland

Wonderful World :: Louis Armstrong

Sweet Sweet Baby :: Michelle Featherstone

Stay Awake :: Harry Connick Jr.

Wish Upon a Star :: Libbie Linton

Baby of Mine :: Bette Midler

Wish for You :: Faith Hill

Rainbow Connection :: Sarah Edwards

All the Pretty Little Horses :: Laura Veirs 

Edelweiss :: The Sound of Music Soundtrack

Cannot Lose My Love :: Sara Groves

Goodnight My Angel :: Billy Joel

Can't Take That Away From Me :: Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong

This list of songs is the soundtrack of Britt's baby-hood. 
He was a colicky little mess in his first 8-ish months of life.
Just hearing the first few notes of most of these songs brings me right back to those precious evenings.
Me, at my wits end, having just put the big siblings to bed and finally able to devote my full attention to a red-faced, stiff little fellow.
We turned down the lights, docked the iPod and snuggled in for a slow dance around the kitchen - lit by only a candle and white twinkle lights.
Gradually baby would fall limp in my arms, growing heavier (as if that were possible), 
resting his head on my shoulder...
He wouldn't sleep.
Not a chance of that.
But he was quiet. And quiet was my objective.

Dance long, Mommies...
Sleep well, Babies...

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