Monday, April 16, 2012


Today is my Pediatric Nursing final exam.
And Spring Break commences at approximately 11:30 I'm feelin' good.

In honor of Spring Break 
{and therefore the hopes of more frequent blogging - which I'm really excited about} 
I shall post some of my "studying" pics from instagram.
Adore instagram.

I promise, this is not a Starbucks sponsored post...

Posting my {exhilarating?} study scenes has become a sort of tradition for me.
I know my followers are absolutely thrilled each time I post photos of textbooks.

If you want to follow on instagram you can find me at:

I want to see your life in pics, too!

I promise I post more than just medical jargon, Starbucks cups and bare feet in the vague background...

 And I have some exciting news on the Kenya fundraising/supplies collection front!
I'll be posting about that soon. 
If you wish to contribute you can click on that little pay pal "donate" button.

Or email me at starcrossedserves @ hotmail .com

To read more about my medical mission to Kenya go here.

Happy Spring Break! 
{to me.}

1 comment:

Andrea said...

prayers for your test today.

i hope that some of your return to bloggin may or may not include a recap of bachelorette posts in MAY!

please, please..... :)