Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Nursing School :: An Update

I haven't talked much about school...
buts it's totally ruining ruling my life at the moment.

I think I've left it out of my bloglife because apparently my readers are a bunch of delicate lilly-flowers who cannot handle anything remotely human.
Yes, I'm talking about you.
You, for whom this little post was enough to induce {not really} irate comments accusing me of tyring to "gross you out." 

Relax, you guys.

: ) 

Was that enough melodrama for you?

School is going well.
How well? you ask.

This well...

{a pic taken by my classmate...I have this many too. thanks for sharing, Jess!}

Holy Mother, that's a lot of books.
Those were from last year.
I've got one more year to go.
And another intimidating stack of textbooks, although I think this is the bulk.

I've got a lot of stuff floating around in my head.
You know what is going to be a miracle?
If all of that somehow comes together and produces a passing grade on my boards when I take them in a year.

Right now I'm in the middle of my pediatrics classes and clinicals.
It's precious.
Or...well...it would be if the "pediatric" patients I have been taking care of weren't larger than me.
This is a whole different topic. And I'll stop right now.
But...let's just say I have yet to encounter a real pediatric nursing situation.
You know what I would love? 
Is to get my hands on some of those NICU babies. 
Oh my goodness...I peeked in on them one day and they were awesome.

Most of my excitement is bundled up into one eight week class that is coming up in a month or so.
Labor and Delivery clinicals.
You guys. I've been waiting for this moment since I started dreaming about nursing school.
So yeah...just a little bit of anticipation surrounding that one.

I adore school though.
It's so challenging.
So frustrating.
So freaking funny sometimes.
{I really do love my classmates.}
And an absolute dream come true.

Oh yeah...and I've got a 3.82 GPA so...
: )

There's your update.

And I have the most amazing opportunity heading my way that I'm going to be filling up the blog with.
You totally want to know about it.
It's like my whole purpose in going to nursing school is already starting to come together.
So good.


Katie Allegretti said...

Yay, Ash!

Andrea said...

Can't wait to hear your exciting plans! Keep it up!

Steph said...

I like the gritty details!! I say "bring 'em on!"...lol...it's good to "hear" from you :)