Thursday, January 12, 2012

Little Girl, Big City {Part Two}

If you missed Little Girl, Big City Part One
{or...ahem...forgot because it's been so long...}
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Where were we?
Oh yes, in a taxi, in Chicago, on the way to the American Girl Place.

That taxi driver whizzed the taxi through the crowded streets and there were horns honking and people scurrying.
It was only one week before Christmas, after all.
There were places to go and presents to buy.

But soon enough they had arrived and were standing happily outside of the American Girl Place.

That little lady was so excited to get inside and look at all of the beautiful things.
But first, she had to admire the windows...

...and then she had to give the bell-ringer some change...

And then it was okay to go inside.

It was better than she even imagined...
all of the pretty things to see.

She learned about some of the historical dolls and found all of their miniature accessories quite enchanting...
even if her mama did think she was a little too young to have most of them.

She got to pick out a special Christmas outfit for her doll, Rebecca.
And her mama helped her put it on and said that she had "impeccable taste."

The little girl was so happy to be having such a wonderful day.
But, by the time 3 o'clock rolled around she was feeling especially tired.
And, although she wouldn't admit it, her mama and Grandma Honey could tell by her many yawns and sleepy eyes that she needed a break.

The idea of a fancy tea in a room bedecked in pink Christmas decorations was just what she needed to perk up...

Silly girls are still silly no matter how fancy the occasion.

She got the special birthday treatment and basked in the glow of being birthday girl.
And her dolly sat right by her side in a 'specially made doll seat.

Hot chocolate is the perfect afternoon sip but, oh, when the server brought out the plates of tea treats that girl, her mama and her Grandma Honey lit up!

Flaky chocolate chip scones, small peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, cucumber sandwiches and delicate cookies.

That little girl ate to her heart's content and she even tried some new things.
She wasn't so sure about the raspberry tart...
but decided she liked it right away!

Soon after tea and a few special gifts to open it was time to leave the magical American Girl Place.
But the day wasn't quite over.
There was one more short train ride to the hotel.

And, you would never believe it, the train station was under the ground!
In the basement of the city.

The three ladies, weary but smiling after their long day, plopped into the train seats and let the train click clack down the track to their fancy hotel for the night.

And, even though her mama was sure she would, the little girl didn't snooze a wink on that train ride.
She couldn't close her eyes.
There had been too much to see and learn on her trip.

But boy, did she sleep like a little log in the grand hotel.
And, you know what?
She woke up the next morning (her actual birthday morning) to a beautiful sight:
the city dusted in perfect, white snow.
The ultimate gift for the ultimate girl.

The End.


Cupcake Mama said...

I can't let own little miss read this - she is begging to go to Chicago. It's not like we don't travel - we went to Cozumel this past summer! But for a girl who loves the travel channel, there are just too many places she wants to visit.

Jamie Willow said...

Yup, Ira needs to get his shot gun ready. She is way pretty. All dolled up for her doll day...pretty miss :)

What a grand memory!

Alicia Marie said...

So precious. Gives my heart little tugs for a baby stop it. But really, she is such a doll.

Alexandria said...

you are a beautiful mama .... i love this. it's perfect & artistic & charming.