Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Little Girl, Big City {Part One}

Once upon a time there was a little girl.
She was a pretty little thing with sparkly blue eyes and spun-gold hair.
She was turning five.

On the day before her birthday - a chilly day in December - her birthday adventure began.
Her daddy and brothers woke up early, before the sun even had a chance to peek over the horizon, to bring her to the train station.
She was going to Chicago!
{accompanied by her Mama and Grandma Honey, of course.}

It may not have been such a crazy morning if they hadn't missed their scheduled train...
but they did.
And so, the morning was crazy.

First, they were a little behind because Mama had to curl this little girl's hair so it would lay just right.
Next, Daddy took a wrong turn with only minutes to spare until the train left the station and put them on a path far out of the way. By the time they arrived to catch the train it had already gone without them.

Mama just about cried.
But Daddy had other plans.
He raced those worried girls through red lights (boy did Mama laaaaugh at that) and under bridges and over the highways until he beat that train to the next station and they hopped right on, just as if they'd never missed a beat.

They met Grandma Honey on the train and sat down to the strawberry cupcakes the little girl had requested, made special by her Mama.
They ate those cupcakes with a fizzy, pink drink at 9:30 in the morning.
They were famished from their busy start to the day.
Cupcakes taste just as good...maybe 9:30 as they do any other time of day.

Before she knew it...
after some coloring and story-reading and window-gazing and lunch-eating and Mommy-snuggling
{and maybe some Mommy-shushing}

...that little girl had arrived in Chicago.

Her Grandma Honey made certain she was dressed snugly before she ventured out into those windy streets.

That little almost-five-year-old was amazed at the high buildings and bustling crowds she met.
Mama said, "This is the city where I was born. Do you like it?"
She said, "Yes." Her eyes as big as they could go.

Grandma found a cab to take them to their next destination...
"Where to?" the cab driver asked.
"Chicago!" that smart little girl answered.
"You're IN Chicago." the man said - he wasn't wearing any shoes! only socks.
On those dirty old, cold streets.

"To the American Girl Place, please." Grandma answered.
And they were off...

{Part Two to come...}


Anonymous said...

love this! makes me want to cry...

Deseree said...

This *did* make me cry :)

Rae Nolt said...

I got chills...and way to leave me hanging!!!

Andrea said...

what a really fun and special birthday for her! can't wait to read more. sounds like such a special thing to do together!

Jamie Willow said...

Oh man, extreme anxiety when I read you missed the train...nervous laughter when I read Ira drove thru red lights to try and get to the next station, and deep relief you made it on! Holy smokes you know how to start off an adventure as a nail biter!
So glad Miss Evie got a chance to go!!!