Saturday, October 8, 2011

Some Things...

Here's the thing.
My little old brain is much too overloaded - full to bursting - with Very Important Information for school.
To the extent that I normally can't compose a coherent thought and spit it out in conversation...
and I definitely can't sit here and write an intelligent blog post.

So. Here it is. My random, catch-all blog post.
(They call it "flight of ideas" in nursing.)

You've been warned.

I have a new food love.
Cowboy Caviar.

It's a zingy little blend of corn and beans and peppers and a few tomatoes scattered throughout.
But it's not just a regular old's got this little acidy vinegar thing going on and it's so stinkin' good I could cry.
I put it in just about everything.
On top of nachos is my favorite thus far.
{I got this particular kind here.}

Speaking of school.
Was I speaking of school? No?
Oh well...
Speaking of school, it's going fabulously.
I mean really, I've gotten quite used to seeing B's scribbled on my tests instead of A's and that is a step in the right direction.
The first few B's just about gave me panic attacks and heart palpitations (yep, I was the student that thought anything less than a 90 was failing) so it's really very nice to have gotten desensitized to the 84 and 85%'s that just keep on popping up.
You know what they say, If you can't beat 'em; lower your expectations and join 'em.
...or something like that.

And can I tell you about the friends I've made in nursing school?
They are fabulous and totally inappropriate and smart and cute and keep me {mostly} sane through this crazy time in my life.
I'm really coming to love those girls.

I started clinicals - the bit in school where you actually go to a nursing setting and take care of real, live people instead of totally creepy adorable rubber dummies.
I love that.
But I do get a little confused from time to time about my boundaries.
Like...we were at a nursing home last week and this great elderly lady was jabbering on and on about how much she loves her nude nylons but she only has one pair left and it has a large run that was started by her big toe and she really wishes she either had more nylons like that or she had some clear stuff to paint on it and make it stop running and she asked her niece to bring her some new ones but her niece hasn't yet and is on a cruise right now so she wont be back for a long time and maybe I could rinse them out for her and set them somewhere nice and warm to dry...
You get the idea.
I had the most overwhelming desire to leave my nursing duties right then and there and drive myself to Walgreens and get this lady a little egg-ful of nude nylons.
Seriously. She was the cutest thing.
And then I realized that probably wasn't within my scope of practice and didn't do it.
But boy, did I wash those ripped nylons well.

Beck loves soccer.
{Told you this was going to be random.}
And he is so, so good.
So good, in fact that he makes about 95% (I'm being modest) of the goals during his games.
So good that Mr. B. let me in on a little dream he has for our family...
He thinks we could get Beck into a European soccer club and ride the boy's soccer glory all the way to England or Spain or Italy or somewhere fabulous like that.
{You know, those Europeans are very serious about their football.}
Which sort of scared me and excited me at the same time.
I mean, nothing like putting all your eggs in one {little, 6-year-old} basket.
Pressure, much?
But also, if that happened I would be over-the-moon excited.
Until then we'll just watch our dude dominate the crappy community soccer fields and be really, really, glowingly proud of him.

I think I want to make a big commitment...
Are you ready?
It's huge. It's actually scaring me because it's so huge.
I want to commit to doing another A Day in {insert month here} series.
{If you don't know what I'm talking about, click here.}
I was just looking back at those posts and marveling over how much life has changed since then.
It's fun to see what we did on a regular old day...
Would you join me if I started it up again?

Another blog-related commitment I'd like to make:
A photo challenge.
Since I got this new camera I've been a picture-takin'-fool and it might be fun to have a little guidance.
Alicia did a great one and I'm thinking of giving it a whirl.
{yeah, it says "august 2011." whatever. I'm unorthodox like that.}

Okay. Enough rambling.
I think I covered it all.
Food, school, nude nylons, pipe dreams about European soccer, overcommitments to blogging.
Yep, I'd better stop while I'm ahead.

I know I don't update the blog too often anymore but I certainly can find the time to tweet a lot.
So follow me here if you want to keep up between blogs.


Jamie Willow said...

I'll join ya for the "a day in..." posts... I love looking back at them too.

Ps. You are cute :) love the random ramble...

Lucy said...

So nice that you actually took in all the little details that made up this lady's problem re nylons. I can imagine it must be hard not to get too involved with certain cases. I think you sound like the kind of person I always hope nurses are, so I hope it all goes well. And as for Bs, that means steady and sustainable! Plus I think this kind of course might be different in grading ideas from straight up academic paper stuff. I really admire you doing this training with so much else going on, it will be so worth it.

Re. Football, yes, we do take it seriously. Well, I don't, but I've noticed my partner hasn't been available on many Saturday afternoons or even Tues nights since the season began. I always tell him re. work 'dress for the job you want, not the job you have', but he just feels a 33 year old man sitting in the office in a football kit....

Alicia Marie said...

I will join in for the day in the life... It takes some work, but I love looking back. Count me in!

p.s. Beck may just be the cutest little soccer player ever.