Saturday, September 17, 2011

Pirate Birthday Parrrrty.

What do you get when you add fake sticky mustaches...

A new 6-year-old...

And some fake tattoos?

If you were thinking complete hilariousness, you'd be right...

Oh my gosh, they're cute. 
Err...I mean, fierce.

I put together some Blood Red Cupcakes {much more piratey than Red Velvet...}

Planks are a must-have...
made of chocolate wafer sticks and piped red frosting.

 The brave plank-walkers over stormy seas...
{or soccer balls and an empty kiddie pool, whatever.}

Auntie bequeaths the pirates their pirate names.
Names like One-Eyed Leroy Bones and Black Beard Stanley.

There was a fair prize at the end of a lengthy and rowdy treasure hunt.

 Divvying up the spoils.
{Disregard my husband's nearly scandalous used-to-be-jeans. He likes to really put on his Sunday best for parties.
Just call him Captain Classy Legs.}

Pirates love birthday candles.
Check out all of the "sympathy blowers."
: )

Even little sisters get in on the mustache magic.

This was such a fun theme for a party and I found lots of resources to make it happen.
The party stores were full of pirate props and Target has a whole line of pirate party favors and decor right now.
The mustaches are actually scrapbooking supplies with sticker backs - they weren't the most pleasant experience being ripped off of tender upper-lips.
My apologies to the mothers of the boys to whom I gave an upper lip waxing experience.
They really didn't cry all that much. Just a tear or two.

The cupcake toppers were free printables from here.
And many of my ideas {"Walk the Plank" treats, pirate names} were from this blog.

I can't believe my boy is six.
It just can't be.
But when his legs dangle to the floor as he sits on my lap and he comes out with phrases like,
"Are you thinkin' what I'm thinkin'?"
{which grants him whatever he's thinkin' just about every's too cute.}
and, "I have an excellent idea"
and, "What a peaceful night..."
I am forced to come to terms with the fact that this boy is, indeed, growing up.
And growing up into one of the most magnetic, infectiously joyful people I've ever met.

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Jamie Willow said...

laughing at the mustache waxing one :) and totally worth it, they are adorable!

love creative and well executed :)

[not the] Best Blog Ever said...


And great job on the party.