Tuesday, September 20, 2011

New Camera.

You guys.
I have a new camera.
I sort of love it.
I'm also quite intimidated by it.

I am convinced this baby has much much more picture power than I have knowledge to implement.
Never taken a photography class in my little life...but I'll give her a go.

September has been good to us thus far.
A dinner party at Grandma Honey's.
A romp at the St. Louis Balloon Glow.
A family camping expedition.
A long visit from Gramma.

I'm linking up to day with Beka in her photo challenge.
The theme for the week is "September is the best month ever."
Which just might be true...


Beka said...

I fixed the LINKY! (hopefully)

YAYY FOR NEW camera's. :D

Beka said...

just copy your URL to this and post it in the "linky" :)

Andrea @ The Worley House said...

yay! for your new camera! it's going to change your life....i'm serious!!

Jamie Willow said...

Winner winner chicken dinner! Awesome picture...oh the joys of a good camera :)