Sunday, July 31, 2011

Glossary for July

joy: feeling the wind in your hair on a hot day.

fashion model: striped dress. striped boots. headband.
puddle. street-side.

generosity: giving licks of your giant ice cream cone...before it melts.

entertainment: Giada on a Saturday morning.

conquering: climbing the playground by yourself for the first time.

gardening: enjoying the lavender, oregano and nasturtiums we grow.

ticked-off: finding a baby bunny in the garden and declaring it devastatingly adorable.
can't kill it or even scare it away.

giving in: gathering on the deck nightly to watch mama rabbit nurse her babies.
in. the. garden.

hot: t-ball games on Saturday afternoon.

pride: watching your daughter, the only girl on the team, hit the t-ball further than any of the other kids.
and then make sure her hair still looks cute.

pretty: Evie.

breakfast: baked peach oatmeal.

desire: what you're feeling right now.
you want that recipe.

obliging: how I feel...
I'll give it to you.

friendship: knowing that it's okay if you and your buddy weigh down the kiddie picnic table, you accept him anyway.

blindingly white: my legs rarely exposed to the light of day because of...

nursing school: time-sucker and total insanity inducer.

letting go: saying goodbye to Mr. B's dad until we see him again in heaven.

July: living well and fully despite the curve-balls, saddness and unexpected turns of life.


Sarah said...

You are looking skin-nay Mrs. B!!! Loved everything about this post :) Sorry about your father-in-law :( How much longer in nursing school??

____________ said...

this was good & simple.
proud of Evie! she's so awesome, and sweet, and hilarious, and spicy ... love her.

Jamie Willow said...

what a month!

Jessica D said...

One of my most favorite blog posts by you :) love it <3