Saturday, July 16, 2011


Is he still a baby?

...because he's looking suspiciously like a toddler and I'm not sure if I'm okay with that.

I mean, what is all this strawberry-eating and ball-kicking and speaking-in-full sentences business?
He's such a dude.
I love dudes.


Saundra said...

No way! What will happen when his little chubby legs are too skinny to squeeze and his baby cheeks are gone? He is too cute!

Lyndee said...

I cannot wait to see him! He is a big love!

Lucy said...

He is so cute! Hard to tell from a picture, but I think he still has at least one foot in the baby camp. Such lovely expressive eyes - it must be cheering to see that little person every day.

It is a strange process isn't niece used to get called little girl, then she called herself a big little girl.., then a little big girl.., and now she is four she is just saying big girl!! If she wasn't permanently in my good books anyway, she would have got in them this weekend for guessing I'm twenty!! She guessed my partners age (33) as 53, but then her next guess was 12, so...hmm. Strange she was so accurate with me but then way out..?!

Dramatic change of subject but the twitter column has just caught my eye on the other side of the sorry to hear your father in law is so unwell, my sympathies to him and his family.

Mrs. A said...

It's just a shame he looks nothing like you. :)