Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Summer Book

If you have any one recipe/lifestyle book devoted to the Summer season, 
I am fully convinced it should be this one.

I dug this one from the bottom of my cookbook pile -ever growing, thankyouverymuch - and paged through it on this second official day of Summer.
I just wanted to jump into its pages and live the Summer through it.

There are pages on The Kitchen Garden - especially inspirational to me
edible flowers, how to "summerize" your home, ideas for outdoor lighting, menus, and, of course, recipes.
{Snake Bites, Spicy Orange Broccoli and Lavender Tea Cookies are interesting me in particular...}

Susan Branch has a new blog! Check it out.

I can tell you what's not interesting me this Summer...
complicated things.
Like this:


Not trying to knock all of these creative bloggers' beautiful work.
But, can you say, trying too hard?

I guess in the craziness that is my life at this point, making a 19 layer cake that looks like an American flag on the inside isn't high on my to-do list.
I mean, it's cute, but I'm pretty sure I'd have some interesting colored baby diapers in my future with all of that food dye.
...that can't be good for you, can it?!

Find something that inspires you to live Summer right...and positively bathe in it.

: )


StephG said...

I was just thinking about you & hoping that things were going well!

I know you're probably super busy, but I hope it's a good busy with a little bit of down time smooshed in there :)

On a side note: Every time I watch Barefoot Contessa I think of you...LOL!

Rae Nolt said...

OH my word! I think I might need that cookbook. Love it already and I don't own it! Hmmmm. I need a holiday so I can ask for it. :) Missed your blogs bigtime...but I understand. Cutting back is a good thing.

Jamie Willow said...

totally cracking up about the flag cake...I would never make that. I tried jello eggs and we both know how that worked out ;) lol

love ya! love Susan B!