Monday, June 27, 2011


Today is our eighth anniversary.
And I feel loved.

My Brawny Man knows just the way to make me feel like the most treasured woman in the world.
He really does...I'm lucky that way.

I had been gone all weekend
{my gramps turned 80 and we had a massive bash for him, loved every minute - more on that later}
and when I came home on the eve of our anniversary I was greeted by a considerably cleaner house than when I left, eight dozen roses {I know!} and my gift...which is my new favorite possession.

Gorgeous blooms in hues of red, magenta, blush pink, almost pink and white were found in every room of the house.

I made a little arrangement reminiscent of our blue hydrangea/cream rose wedding theme...

And...behold, my new favorite possession:
A book, yes. {of course it is!}
But just a simple, leather bound journal...
with writings from him... me.
Some of the pages are memories,
some are dreams for our future,
some are thoughts,
some are love poems - written by him or copied from famous authors,
some are funny, some are serious and some are "oooh la la."
Little did I know that he's been keeping this journal for the past 6 months.

It makes me want to tingle and smile and tear up and giggle and snuggle right into him all at the same time.
It's perfect.
It's my new favorite.

I had an old favorite for lunch today...
it made my house smell like heaven-in-Chicagoland.

Giordano's stuffed pizza.
The food of the gods...or something like that.
It's seriously my favorite thing to eat {next to chocolate}.
I never get it since we've moved to St. Louis unless I go to Chicago and bring some home.
I had it half baked at the restaurant and then baked it when I got home (300-ish miles later) and it was perfection.

I mean...look at it.
I adore good pizza.

It's been a fantastic anniversary thus far.
I am moved by this man.
He loves me.
He stuck with me through my neuroses, complaints, depression and over-all quirky-ness.
Something I am convinced a weaker man could not have done.
He is amazing.
He is devoted and kind and trustworthy.
He is mine.
...and he is in for a seriously fun night.

; )

Other anniversary posts:

If you're amazed and thinking we look young and fabulous in the photo above
it's because...
we are.
The photo was taken circa 2006 -
while we were still young and unmarred by the troubles of life.
: )
Sad that I don't have many great recent pictures to share.
That will be on my to-do list.


Andrea said...

Happy Anniversary!

and that gift....what a great guy you have!!

Saundra said...

Happy blessed anniversary to both of you. I'll never forget your magical wedding were sooooo young. I am so very happy for you, and it is a wonderful thing to share such a romance and love through 3 kids and the trials you have faced. In today's world, that is something to celebrate!
Ashley, we know how amazing you are, but let me give a shout out to Ira, "WAY TO GO"!! You need to teach some of these old guys your talents;) Love you both xoxox

Lyndee said...

This boy is a man and he is a peach and you are another peach my lady so I am grateful you two found each other. I prayed for a long time for him to find just the right woman. Bingo. God answered and I am very proud of you both. May you celebrate many more good years together serving God and loving each other. Blessings!

Alicia Marie said...

So great. SO great. Happy Anniversary! That book! So great.

Enjoy your night!

Jamie Willow said...

...and women are jealous every where :) he did good.

you guys are special and I'm glad to know you both...even if I'm related :) lol

Rae Nolt said...

Congrats! :) 8 years!!!! Love the gifts!!!!

Sarah said...

What Jamie said!! Happy Anniversary you lovebirds!!! Here's to many more!!!

Beka said...

Happy Anniversary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Lucy said...

Haha, you didn't need to fess up about the picture date...I thought it was current, and I'm sure you look as good now anyway. Happy anniversary, and gosh, what an amazing gift!

Stacy said...

I just love it that your man loves you so well. What a thoughtful and romantic and creative and wonderful gift! And- those roses? Ahh... so beautiful.

Happy Anniversary!

ps I love it when you have time to blog. :)