Saturday, June 4, 2011

Cutting Back

Hi there.
Long time - no post.
Sadly enough, I have a feeling that this new, once-a-week-posting trend may be a new normal for me.
I love to blog...
But I also love to feel sane.
{A feeling I've been having less and less lately.}

I wrote out a list of all the things I am giving my time to.
Good things, important things, life-giving things.
But...there are too many of these "things."

Raising three young children.
Nursing school.
Studying for nursing school - which is an entire different entity, believe me.
Church activities + ministries.
My relationship with my husband.
My family relationships.
My friendships.
My time spent with God.
Fitness and gaining perspective on a healthy life-style.
{I'm training for that 5k I've been wanting to do for so long.}
Keeping up with the housework.
Social networking.
"Me" time.

I mean...
That's a lot of stuff.
No wonder I feel pulled in a 1,000 different directions...

All of this to say:
I've decided to cut down on some of these things.
I've decided to say "no" more.
I've decided to make that list a whole lot shorter.
A whole lot more manageable.

I'm not likely to say, "Yep, mothering is getting crossed off that list! Now I feel truly liberated!"
No, some things are non-negotiable.
Like mothering and relationships and my home and my relationship with God.
But some things, like social networking, blogging, leisure reading, a plethora of play dates...
those are negotiable and, guess what?
I'm in a haggling sort of mood.

I'm cutting back.
I'm not cutting out entirely.
Just looking at what needs to be done and what isn't necessary.
This is a phase (isn't everything in life? precious few things are really permanent).

I'll be posting here less.
Maybe once a week, maybe more, maybe less.
I'll update on how school is going, family highlights and the occasional "gotta share it!" recipe or thought.
{I have a Recipe of the Month for June that I'm dying to get up here! You're gonna love it.}

When I started in on full-time nursing school a few months ago I had a feeling something like this would happen on the blog.
And here it is.

I'll be seeing you...just not as frequently.

Love. Kisses. Happy Summering. 

: )


Jamie Willow said...

My blog is last on my list right now too...sometimes life prioritizes itself and we don't have a choice. It does feel good to do a few things well and not feel like you are doing lots of things half way.

Love you :)

Saundra said...

Love your blogs but love you more....kudos to you:)

StephG said...

Same thing happened with me (if you couldn't tell from my blog!)

One day I'll get back into it a LOT more, but for now I have to get my priorities back in order.

No worries though...I'll still check in :)