Wednesday, June 29, 2011


One semester of "real" nursing school under my belt.
And it feels good.
What feels even better?

Seeing this:
Statistics     A
College Algebra    A
Nursing 101      A
Health and Wellness      A
Critical Thinking     A
GPA:  4.0

Yep. You know you want me to be your nurse.
: ) 

Up next:
My very first clinicals.
If last semester was "real" nursing school, then this is really-really-real-nitty-gritty nursing school.
It's getting serious.

I got my uniform.
I'm stethoscope shopping.
{much less glam than shoe shopping}
I have piles of medical books on my dining room table.

I'm ready...
I think.

I may never blog again though.
I'm gonna be so busy!
{no...I'll blog. It preserves sanity.}

I'm going to post a picture of myself all suited up in my nursing gear next week.
Squeaky white shoes, scrub pants, trustworthy smile and all.
; )


Jamie Willow said...

You will rock the sneakers and scrubs look ;) you go smarty pants! Love it!

Annie said...

Great Job with the 4.0!

You know you can custom order all white Nike Shox From sayin' if I were white shoe shopping...

Anonymous said...

Congrats.....let the fun begin!

Saundra said...'ll be the cutest nurse:) I know who to call for my next class beginning next week...statistics...ugh!

Mrs.M said...

So exciting!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the grades, that's awesome! I would so want you to be my (or my kids) nurse!


Lyndee said...

Go Ashley... never doubted you would do well and this is just top of the tater girl! Plow forward in the clinical section. You will inspire others by your attitude.

Andrea said...

4.0! You are awesome!! Even more so than ever! You rock mama!!

Alicia Marie said...

Great job with the 4.0. You can totally be my nurse!