Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Blog to Love :: Cakies

My friend Andrea {check her out!} does this fun little deal on her blog where she highlights some of her favorite blog reads.
I love that.
It's nice, it's friendly, it's uplifting and it's done in a totally sharing spirit.

So...I wanna do it too.
I want to share some of my favorite blogs with you.

Here's a new fave - drawn to my attention by my mama.

Rubyellen is totally adorable.
And so are her three little babies named True, Brave and Soul.
 {wonderful names, right?!}
And she's due to have #4 in the next few months...can't wait to get the name scoop on that one!
She has some fabulous DIY projects, some goodies are here and here.
A sweet little shop that she's just stocked up.
Her decor is fun and mismatchy and very Anthro.
I love her Vintage Here, Vintage There posts.
But her father's day surprise was my very favorite idea I've seen in a long, long time.
Her love for Christ is beautifully evident in her posts.
It's just an all-around good blog.

So, go on...follow her blog.
And tell her Ashley or Star-Crossed, or "that one girl" sent ya.
: )

Click here for my blogroll.


One semester of "real" nursing school under my belt.
And it feels good.
What feels even better?

Seeing this:
Statistics     A
College Algebra    A
Nursing 101      A
Health and Wellness      A
Critical Thinking     A
GPA:  4.0

Yep. You know you want me to be your nurse.
: ) 

Up next:
My very first clinicals.
If last semester was "real" nursing school, then this is really-really-real-nitty-gritty nursing school.
It's getting serious.

I got my uniform.
I'm stethoscope shopping.
{much less glam than shoe shopping}
I have piles of medical books on my dining room table.

I'm ready...
I think.

I may never blog again though.
I'm gonna be so busy!
{no...I'll blog. It preserves sanity.}

I'm going to post a picture of myself all suited up in my nursing gear next week.
Squeaky white shoes, scrub pants, trustworthy smile and all.
; )

Monday, June 27, 2011


Today is our eighth anniversary.
And I feel loved.

My Brawny Man knows just the way to make me feel like the most treasured woman in the world.
He really does...I'm lucky that way.

I had been gone all weekend
{my gramps turned 80 and we had a massive bash for him, loved every minute - more on that later}
and when I came home on the eve of our anniversary I was greeted by a considerably cleaner house than when I left, eight dozen roses {I know!} and my gift...which is my new favorite possession.

Gorgeous blooms in hues of red, magenta, blush pink, almost pink and white were found in every room of the house.

I made a little arrangement reminiscent of our blue hydrangea/cream rose wedding theme...

And...behold, my new favorite possession:
A book, yes. {of course it is!}
But just a simple, leather bound journal...
with writings from him... me.
Some of the pages are memories,
some are dreams for our future,
some are thoughts,
some are love poems - written by him or copied from famous authors,
some are funny, some are serious and some are "oooh la la."
Little did I know that he's been keeping this journal for the past 6 months.

It makes me want to tingle and smile and tear up and giggle and snuggle right into him all at the same time.
It's perfect.
It's my new favorite.

I had an old favorite for lunch today...
it made my house smell like heaven-in-Chicagoland.

Giordano's stuffed pizza.
The food of the gods...or something like that.
It's seriously my favorite thing to eat {next to chocolate}.
I never get it since we've moved to St. Louis unless I go to Chicago and bring some home.
I had it half baked at the restaurant and then baked it when I got home (300-ish miles later) and it was perfection.

I mean...look at it.
I adore good pizza.

It's been a fantastic anniversary thus far.
I am moved by this man.
He loves me.
He stuck with me through my neuroses, complaints, depression and over-all quirky-ness.
Something I am convinced a weaker man could not have done.
He is amazing.
He is devoted and kind and trustworthy.
He is mine.
...and he is in for a seriously fun night.

; )

Other anniversary posts:

If you're amazed and thinking we look young and fabulous in the photo above
it's because...
we are.
The photo was taken circa 2006 -
while we were still young and unmarred by the troubles of life.
: )
Sad that I don't have many great recent pictures to share.
That will be on my to-do list.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Said I'd Never Do It

Here's a little bit of wisdom:
{I don't have much, but what I have I share with you...}
Never. Ever. Ever.
Eeeeeevvvveeeer say "never."
Just don't do it.
Inevitably you will be doing that undesirable, disdainable, detestable thing you said would never happen.

I said I'd never be a runner.
I'd never, ever have the desire to run an organized race - or any race, for that matter.
It's true that I'm not a competitive person so they never appealed to me.

But lately...
that "never" desire has turned into almost a fixation.
I wanted to run...and I wanted to run races!
{I think we can thank my little sis for this inspiration.}

Here I am,
the girl who couldn't (wouldn't?) do the 12 minute mile in high school,
having completed not one, but two 5k races in the past two weeks.

Now, lets be clear here friends, my running technique is not going to be seen in any runner's mags soon,
nor did my finish times impress anyone but myself.
I did it.
And I liked it.
I really did!

Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure, St. Louis - near 65,000 participants!

Please note that while I may have been sweating in the photo above,
not all of the moisture you see there is from my body.
It rained near the end of the race...and I ran through a sprinkler.
Have to keep my {small amount of} feminine pride in tact.

#1 completed (x2)

Thanks for running with me, Alli!
You're a good sissy.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Summer Book

If you have any one recipe/lifestyle book devoted to the Summer season, 
I am fully convinced it should be this one.

I dug this one from the bottom of my cookbook pile -ever growing, thankyouverymuch - and paged through it on this second official day of Summer.
I just wanted to jump into its pages and live the Summer through it.

There are pages on The Kitchen Garden - especially inspirational to me
edible flowers, how to "summerize" your home, ideas for outdoor lighting, menus, and, of course, recipes.
{Snake Bites, Spicy Orange Broccoli and Lavender Tea Cookies are interesting me in particular...}

Susan Branch has a new blog! Check it out.

I can tell you what's not interesting me this Summer...
complicated things.
Like this:


Not trying to knock all of these creative bloggers' beautiful work.
But, can you say, trying too hard?

I guess in the craziness that is my life at this point, making a 19 layer cake that looks like an American flag on the inside isn't high on my to-do list.
I mean, it's cute, but I'm pretty sure I'd have some interesting colored baby diapers in my future with all of that food dye.
...that can't be good for you, can it?!

Find something that inspires you to live Summer right...and positively bathe in it.

: )

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Cutting Back

Hi there.
Long time - no post.
Sadly enough, I have a feeling that this new, once-a-week-posting trend may be a new normal for me.
I love to blog...
But I also love to feel sane.
{A feeling I've been having less and less lately.}

I wrote out a list of all the things I am giving my time to.
Good things, important things, life-giving things.
But...there are too many of these "things."

Raising three young children.
Nursing school.
Studying for nursing school - which is an entire different entity, believe me.
Church activities + ministries.
My relationship with my husband.
My family relationships.
My friendships.
My time spent with God.
Fitness and gaining perspective on a healthy life-style.
{I'm training for that 5k I've been wanting to do for so long.}
Keeping up with the housework.
Social networking.
"Me" time.

I mean...
That's a lot of stuff.
No wonder I feel pulled in a 1,000 different directions...

All of this to say:
I've decided to cut down on some of these things.
I've decided to say "no" more.
I've decided to make that list a whole lot shorter.
A whole lot more manageable.

I'm not likely to say, "Yep, mothering is getting crossed off that list! Now I feel truly liberated!"
No, some things are non-negotiable.
Like mothering and relationships and my home and my relationship with God.
But some things, like social networking, blogging, leisure reading, a plethora of play dates...
those are negotiable and, guess what?
I'm in a haggling sort of mood.

I'm cutting back.
I'm not cutting out entirely.
Just looking at what needs to be done and what isn't necessary.
This is a phase (isn't everything in life? precious few things are really permanent).

I'll be posting here less.
Maybe once a week, maybe more, maybe less.
I'll update on how school is going, family highlights and the occasional "gotta share it!" recipe or thought.
{I have a Recipe of the Month for June that I'm dying to get up here! You're gonna love it.}

When I started in on full-time nursing school a few months ago I had a feeling something like this would happen on the blog.
And here it is.

I'll be seeing you...just not as frequently.

Love. Kisses. Happy Summering. 

: )