Monday, May 9, 2011

A Slight Obsession

Wanna know what I love?
Wanna know what I can't stop myself from reaching for?

A few of my current favorites.
Glossy paged, bright photo-ed, gratifyingly heavy cookbooks.
With treasures inside.

Treasures that make anyone lucky enough to be around your table close their eyes and lose themselves for just a moment in what you've created.

I especially love French cookbooks.

True to hopeless Francophile form.

And here is a new favorite:

I was a bit skeptical when I paged through this one for the first time...
I mean, really? Gwyneth Paltrow: an actress, travel guru, {kinda} singer and now...cookbook author?
But I was sold within the first few pages and somehow Gwyneth and her surprising cooking expertise ended up in my Costco cart.

Nigella holds a special place in my
{not much of a distinction between the two...}

Probably because of this happy little moment.

I don't know what it is.
I just can't seem to have the strength to steer myself away from the "cooking" section whenever I find myself in a bookstore.
It's a serious compulsion here, folks.

It doesn't stop at big, picture laden volumes.
I devour food memoirs.

With an appetite that almost measures up to my love for Chicago-style pizza and the best chocolate chip cookies ever.

It's sort of my little vice...
the cookbook thing.
But I'm not too concerned yet, I just read in Nigella Kitchen that Nigella Lawson has over 4,000 cookbooks
- or, as she says in her charming British way, "cookery books" -
4,000, you guys!
That's so many.
That's too many.
That's exorbitant.

I'm not confessing because I feel the need for reform.
I'm just reveling in my cookbook-induced glow and I wanted you to revel with me.
*happy sigh*

In other {still food-related} news:
I have my first-fruits!
The premier little pickings from my garden adventure...

3 perfect little, misshapen, bumpy, glowing radishes.
Aren't they adorable?!
My girls.
I've been keeping them in a little cup of water on my kitchen window sill.
{so the leaves stay green and pretty}
I'll bring myself to eat them sometime this week.
But there are certain circumstances - the stars must align - I must be alone and in quiet so I can bask in the sweetness of eating something so utterly mine.

Anyway...enough of my happy neurosis.
: )
I hope you've have a beautiful Monday.


Anonymous said...

Your making me feel less guilty about my own obsession....I just got 3new ones....the breakfast book,
French cooking in 10 min, Super Natural everyday.
Oh so fun! Marm

Katie said...

I was wondering about Gwyneth's book! I was hoping to come across someone who could give a review. Yay! I'm going to have to check it out. :) And if you're going to have any obsession at all, it might as well be with cooking. ;)

Andrea said...

I found this book a few days ago and I immediately thought of you! It's called Plate to Pixel; the art of food styling.

It's about styling and taking food photos. :) Thanks for the sweet comments on the blog today.

LMM is one of my new faves! She's awesome!

Mrs. B. said...

@Andrea I've seen that one on a bunch of my favorite food blogs! Looks awesome.
@mom I totally know where i got my obsession. We can be two happy little cookbook clams. :)

Lacy said...

We also share in the cookbook obsession. LOVE to try new recipes! Our most recent favorite is Mad Hungry, so many good things. We also got Curtis Stone's book for Christmas, also very good. We were just noticing how our books are going to take over our kitchen:)

Lyndee said...

Birds of a Feather...
Bed & Breakfast by Lois Battle is my newest novel
Comfort Food by Kate Jacobs was last week's purchase...
Make it Yourself breakfasts - published by love food
Vietnamese a culinary journey of discovery by Corinne Trang
This is an obsession for me as well. My deal is now I must get rid of some things.

[not the] Best Blog Ever said...

A "slight" obsession??? :)

You own it well, girl, and with style.

But where do you keep all the cookbooks?

Mrs. B. said...

@beth: that's only a small selection from my collection. I keep them here there and everywhere. Mostly in the kitchen on my shelves. :) Space doesn't matter when it comes to these things...