Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Making Me Happy

There has been an influx of seriousness lately...
tornado devastation {here, there and everywhere}
finals at school
friends in crisis
the killing of an international enemy
the list {unfortunately} goes on.

But there are things, little ones, that have been making me exceedingly happy lately too.
I want to share them with you.

THIS POST{and THIS one} on vertical gardening @ Poppytalk.
Something I am attempting to create in my backyard.

Our viewing party of the Royal Wedding on Friday afternoon {DVR is a beautiful thing}.
Miss Evie was smitten with the idea of a commoner becoming princess in a matter of a few minutes and a gorgeous wedding ceremony.

I told Evie to find a hat and outfit for our viewing party. She came bedecked in a giant rosette and tutu.
That's my girl.
She looked better than Beatrice, I can tell you that much.

Speaking of hats.
A baby in a plaid sun hat.
No explanation needed...

My little sister's latest, pretty pretty, blog post.

Easter candies.
If these colors don't make you happy, nothing will.
Trader Joe's yogurt covered raisins and chocolate covered sunflower seeds.

My new, gauzy, flowy, summer-y dress from HERE.
Best store around.

My week-long break from school.
Thus, the opportunity to finish some books and review them.
They were both so good:

My spring lamb cake pan.
That I still can't get a cake to come out of  without sticking...
must practice.

THESE read-the-Bible-in-one-year plans I found.
I'm doing the chronological one.

Solo breakfasts of chocolate croissant, strawberries and coffee.
This only happens once a week, friends.

Oh...this site is addictive.
I've been pinning like a crazy person since last night.
{For the record, I do not have time for this.}
If you "pin" find me {starcrossedb} and I'll follow you too!
Or, if you don't have a pinterest account, I can email you an invite.
It's exclusive like that.
: )
Thanks, Andrea for my invite!
So glad to find the little things in life that put a smile on my face...
because it sure seems like the big ones are meant to keep me frowning.
What's turning your frown upside down lately?


Karie said...

Thanks for the happy blog! Can't remember how I found you but just discovered via FB that you are related to Jamie. She and I were in college together. Sweet girl! Small world! :-)

Saundra said...

What's turning my frown upside lately? You....you are a breath of fresh air:) Love you xoxoxox

Andrea said...

you're welcome for the biggest time waster of your life, that brings a smile to your face everytime you pin something!!

i've already been pinning this morning! love. it.

love this post, glad to see i am not the only one who enjoyed the royal wedding! :)