Friday, May 20, 2011

The Kitchen Garden :: Reaping What I Sow & Varmints

I'm giddy.
In the way only a newbie gardener at harvest-time can be.

Radishes and Lavender - grown by moi.

Muddy radishes have never made me so happy.

I got my first full batch of multi-colored radishes and a good bunch of lavender from the garden this week.

(See? Giddy)

But seriously, look at how pretty these are:

That's a white radish.
I never used to be a radish-lover.
But they're so stinkin' fast and easy to grow and it's just really hard to dislike something so pleasingly round and glowing.
I'm enjoying the crunchy/pepper taste...pair them with a little soft butter and some fleur de sel and you'll feel trés french.

And I snipped my first salad this morning and served it up for lunch.

Mixed salad greens, arugula, baby spinach, buttercrunch lettuce.
The fruits of my labor: Joy of joys.

So, while I'm on cloud nine puttering in my garden and turning the spoils into pretty, delicious dishes in my kitchen, the varmints {that's West Virginia talk for squirrels, rabbits and the occasional robin} are having a hay day in my garden too.

And the sight of my sweet little bean bush - doing quite beautifully just two days before - eaten to a sad nub is enough to make me throw a {very disgraceful, very un-Christian} hissy fit.

Yesterday the piglets dragged me out on the deck with exclamations of "a squirrel ate two of our strawberries!"
And yes, in fact, there were two nearly ripe strawberries {still attached by their stems} half nibbled away.
That was it.
You've gone too far, squirrel.
You can eat my beans and dig strange tunnels in my raised beds.
You can even dig up every one of my flowers every. single. night.
But mess with my babies potted strawberry plants?
{I just went hood on those squirrels. I live in St. Louis, I can.}

I'm about ready to poison the creeps.
{Mr. B is protesting in a strangely Save-the-Squirrels sort of way.}

So...this is my plea...if you have a solution for fearless varmints in the garden
{you guys...they are on the deck, 10 feet from my back door}
let me know!
I'd really like to avoid the poison,


Lacy said...

My mom said to always surround your garden with marigold flowers, apparently bunnies (not sure about squirrels) don't like them and stay away, it seemed to work.

I have my plants in pots on our patio and a bunny must have nibbled my beans to a nub as well, I didn't know they climbed stairs?!

And I'm so envious of your beautiful garden and it's growth:)

Mrs. B. said...

Lacy - Thanks for the idea.
I have marigolds EVERYwhere. No luck. :(

StephG said...

I like the "fake them out" option...LOL!

Not sure about the home made repellent on strawberries, but I suppose you could wash them.

If I find any more good ones I'll post them here :)

sarah malkowski said...

ok, my tip, as a hairstylist and a fellow gardner is this..... next time you get your hair cut or trim your little ones hair, save the hair clippings and put them on top of your soil! the smell of human hair is supposed to keep them all away! looks kinda strange, but we have people come into the salon ALL the time asking for hair! haha! and if that doesnt work, this momma/garden lover says..POISON. ; )

Burkinator said...

I think I heard vinegar sprayed around the garden works, too?

Saundra said...

Carl says get a pump-action bb gun or pellet piston. might shoot your eye out.

Saundra said...

pistol...not piston...oooppps!

Mrs. B. said...

Girls! Thank you for the input and ideas.
The sad truth: I tried the cayenne spray repellent and had the BIGGEST hole to date dug in my garden the next morning. It did nothing. It's almost like it provoked them!

We have a dog (and her hair) all over the deck and garden area. The rabbits/squirrels are not scared of her.

I'm about ready to get a pistol, Saundra. Can't you just seem me out there at 2 am, sitting in my lawn chair...waiting for the rodents to appear? And then...SHOOTING one?! Haha. :)
(I probably would shoot my eye out.)

I'm so ready to go get some poison...or an outdoor cat. WITH claws. Hmmm...
If I give Mr.B. the ultimatum: poison or a pet kitty, I'm pretty sure he'd be okay with poison.

Anonymous said...

So we have a 'live trap' because the hateful things were moving into our attic (we're renters-so can't fix that) and chewing on things. I declared war and my hubby brought the live trap home-bait them with peanuts, trap them, and then try the bb gun, or relocate them to a happy forest -whatever suits your fancy. I despise the varmints-watched too much CSI and when they were the cause of a house fire that was then end for me. They MUST be destroyed! :-)

[not the] Best Blog Ever said...

I would like to see you going 'hood on some squirrels. I mean...varmints... ;)