Sunday, May 15, 2011

Bits and Pieces

I got a shipment of happiness a few cookbooks in the mail yesterday (my late mother's day gifts).
I have a new total and utter favorite:
This book is like the {new} bible of French cooking.
(New because we all know that Mastering the Art of French Cooking is the original bible.)
This one is like a friendlier, warmer, more personal French cooking bible.
I'm all for that.
I have been reading the essays of life in Paris and the recipe descriptions like it's a novel.
Can't wait to get in the kitchen and start making some of these dishes...
In fact, I joined Dorie's cooking group (online, of course).

Because of the book above {and for a few other reasons}
 I have decided that I was meant to have been born in France.
I'll find some way to forgive my mother for this oversight...
Although, I'm pretty sure she was meant to have been born in France as well.
Maybe we should be blaming Grandma for this one.

My house is a mess.
This is not a new predicament.
Since school started a few months ago things have not been the most tidy around here.
But, we had a slight (very slight, not to worry) emergency this week and I ended up calling the fire department.
The firemen found it necessary to inform me that there was too much {dirty} laundry in my basement surrounding the furnace and that it was a fire-hazard and that, also,
"You  might want to clean out your oven, when it gets so dirty like that it can really be dangerous."
In quite a superior manner.
Oh...well...thank you fireman,
for coming to my poor-depraved little house-wife rescue and telling me how to clean my home.
I am forever in your debt (and forever mortified).

On to happier matters...
I said I got a few books in the mail.
Another was this one:

Chicken and Egg by Janice Cole
Such a sweet little memoir/cookbook about a woman's first year of owning hens in her urban backyard.
It has totally renewed my desire to raise my own backyard chickens
Someday I will...just as soon as I get that law changed {or get up the guts to go rogue and raise my chickens in spite of the law.} and find extra hours in the day.
Gorgeous pictures and mouthwatering recipes in this one, too.

One more book...
I know, I told you this was a problem {but you should see my Wish List!}
Will Write for Food by Dianne Jacob

Such a wealth of knowledge - I'm learning so much from this book.

Tonight the Brawny Man and I are going on a {rare and valuable} date.
He's giving me the go-ahead to pick whichever restaurant I desire because, "That's your thing."
I'm having a little anxiety about where to many restaurants, so little time!
I think we may go see Water For Elephants and maybe, if my restaurant discernment is good, I'll have a new installment of Food Crush for you soon.
I am half-way through my first semester of {intense, real, not-just-the-prereqs} nursing school.

And, let me tell you, it is wonderfully interesting... Statistics class is likely to kill me.
All I ask is that there's dancing and rejoicing at my funeral.
And food. Lots of it.

Have a beautiful Sunday.
: )


jessica m said...

Oh your new cookbooks look like much fun to look though! :) Happy cooking!

Anonymous said...

In france.....wealthy.....with house help!
Sorry. Mere ;)

Sarah said...

I am a cookbook lover too. I think you have me beat though :) I would love to see your collection!

Adriana said...

So glad you are joining FFwD! Around My French Table is definitely a not so little gem.