Tuesday, April 26, 2011

My Auntie Em Moment

Good Friday was...well...memorable.
And not very good.

A tornado {later we found out it was massive, an EF 4} raged through our neighborhood around 8:15 pm.
We were taking cover in the basement when the steady chugging of a {very near} train passed over head.
It couldn't have lasted more than 60 seconds and this is the devastation it left on our street and the surrounding ones:

{two houses down}
{one block away}

{next door neighbor's back yard}

{one block away}


{a few blocks away}
When the train stopped chugging there was the sound of stillness.
{And my sweet piggies crying in fear.}
And then screaming...from outside.
We knew then that it was bad.

Trees on homes.
Roofs blown away.
Debris. Everywhere.
But everyone was safe. 
If a bit shook up.

As we surveyed the damage one thing became glaringly clear.
Everyone on our street was hit hard.
Except us.
Our home had some shingles torn away and two apple trees uprooted from the back yard,
{I'll mourn for them later...around September.}
but there was nothing near the devastation our neighbors and surrounding neighborhoods faced.

The oak tree in our front yard is massive. 
Just as big as the surrounding ones that were pulled from the ground and thrown about.
It is still rooted firmly in our front yard. It would have crushed our home, and us inside.
Potted plants, the kiddie pool and my sweet little garden in the back yard were untouched.
Everything in its place.
And all around us was chaos.

{my peaceful back yard. everything is in its place.}
I don't know why, but God's plan for us did not include a tornado catastrophe.
We are so, so thankful to have our home in wonderful condition and our family safe.

Our street was hit hard by the tornado but the storm picked up momentum after it  passed us.
Neighborhoods just over the hill were pummeled.
Please pray for them and our community as we clean up and try to resume life as normal.

Here are a couple of other photos I found googling the storm:
{bus on the roof of St. Louis Intl airport}

{a nearby neighborhood}
The rumblings of tree grinders and chainsaws reverberate through our walls and the cleanup efforts reach a fever-pitch.
Fire trucks rumble by and ambulances blare their sirens.
Neighbors wander, wondering when a roof will be back over their heads.
And inside my heart it is quiet.
There is a stillness there and a confidence that no matter how raging the storm is, I am held in the palm of His strong hand.


Andrea said...

so glad your family & home are safe and sound! that's such an amazing blessing.

Shawna said...

Thank you for sharing. Praying for peace to reign and for life to get back to normal. *S

jessica m said...

WOW! Pictures are worth a 1000 words! My heart is breaking for your neighbors and I will pray for them. So happy everyone is safe though.

Jamie Willow said...

So so crazy, I tear up thinking what could have been, I am so glad you guys are okay.

Saundra said...

I'm with Jamie thinking about what could have been. It goes to show that none of us can afford to be out from under the umbrella of God's protection.
So thankful you all are ok:)

Lucy said...

That is so shocking, you must have felt .... well I can't imagine. I am so relieved you are all ok, and your neighbours, and I will be thinking of them all as they try to rebuild. I hope they managed to salvage some of their treasured things.

One more time, thanks be for your safe passage through the storm. Wow.

3formom said...

This pictures make me want to come down come check on my house(Rose Acre sub.) My realtor tells me it is ok but all my neighbors in the back have huge damages, some lost their entire houses. He is yet to send me the pictures. I am so glad you guys are OK.