Tuesday, March 22, 2011


This weekend took us on an eight (that's a conservative number) hour road trip north.
I was reminded of a few things...

Eating out loses its fun-ness when its forced.

Britt is totally evil on car rides exceeding one hour.

Kids love staying in hotels.

I have a hotel-phobia.
{something even Clorox wipes and mandatory sock-wearing cannot cure.}

You can only eat so much trail mix to keep yourself awake while driving.

Illinois freeways are so, so painfully flat.

...and boring.

Doing your makeup in a dark hotel room while baby sleeps isn't the best,
I think I scared a few folks when I walked into daylight.
"Smoky-eye" was taken to a whole new level.

Baby wipes are good for so many things.

Kids are extra snuggle-able when they smell like pool chlorine.
It's like cuddling summertime.

I hate Subway.

I love my family.

...even babies who scream for hours straight.
{Seriously, you guys, hours.}

How funny the Wisconsin Dells is...
it's like a different world up there.

How this sounds: "Yah...You Betcha!"
: )

Gas station restrooms.

...Be it ever so humble, there's no place like home.

Sidenote: I need a serious detox right about now.
My insides feel like brown sludge.
No, worse.
Brown sludge that's been deep fried. Fast food is so not good for you.
Even the "healthy" ones.
This does not bode well for my 20 in 10 challenge. You've been warned.


Saundra said...

Oh Ash, I feel for you....and I too, have a hotel phobia kind of thingy...it's almost worth considering camping......maybe not...prayer definitely and pull off those nasty bedspreads...ICK...I have grown to like Holiday Inn Express though, they launder after every guest...NOTE: I have a list of hotels and how often they launder thier bedspreads for future reference.

Beka said...

I can relate SO MUCH to this post!!!

I laughed OUT LOUD when I read.. "Even when socks are a mandatory thing"


ew. I hate CARPET..........

I'm done.


Katie said...

I have hotel-phobia and I hate Subway, too. No wonder we are friends. :)

Alexandria said...

smoky eye ... hahha.