Monday, March 28, 2011

Music Monday :: The Civil Wars

I have a new favorite musical love.
Thanks to my little sister.
That sister of mine...what would I be without her?
Not nearly as cool, that's for sure.
I wouldn't know about the best place to get pizza in St. Louis (it's Pi, if you're wondering), or know how to pronounce Nutella (noo-tella) correctly or know about Toms shoes or clothes made from hemp.

But...back to the music.
If it weren't for Alli I wouldn't know about The Civil Wars.

They're folksy and perfect.
The harmonies are so tight and fluid it's likely to make you shiver.
The music is minimalist and just what they need to make the lyrics and vocals shine.
And...look at them.
She's all Anthropologie and he's deliciously Johnny Depp.

Can't get enough of them.

If you're a Grey's Anatomy watcher you may have heard their most well-known song, Poison & Wine.
It's a song that digs down deep and pulls.
Just enough to break your heart. Just a little.
In the nicest way possible.
If you're married and you've been through some hard times
(anyone who has been married over 5 years knows what I'm talkin' about...)
this song will speak.
You might have tears...
I did.

Here's what they said about Poison & Wine:

"That song probably does sum us up—The Civil Wars, the name of the band—as well as any song that we've written," White says. It's the one song on the album written with an outside collaborator, their friend Chris Lindsey. "We're all married, and we were all talking about the good, the bad and the ugly, and just felt like: What would you say to someone if you were actually brutally honest—the things that you could never say because it would turn them away or let the cat out of the bag or reveal yourself to be weaker? What would you actually say if you had this invisible curtain around you and could just scream it in somebody's face and they'd actually never hear it? We were all being very painfully honest, because we're all very comfortable around each other and know that things like that never leave the room, except in a song. I'm pretty proud of that song, to be honest."
-Taken from official website

You need to know what I'm talking about.
Here's the video:

And no, they're not married.
But I like to pretend they are.


Andrea said...

Great song, I've never heard of them.. But I love finding new music. Thanks for sharing.

Saundra said...

i kept playing song after song, love them!

Lacy said...

They're great! I can't wait to listen to some more:)