Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Kitchen Garden :: Under Construction

Do you remember this?

My funny little hand-drawn garden plan.

You want to know what has given me quite the natural high in the past few weeks?
Seeing it come to fruition - slowly but very surely...
my plans are being realized.

That Brawny Man.
He's totally my hero.
Look at him. Taking my rough, amateur drawing and turning it into a structure!

So cool.

Excuse the leafy debris and ugly brown-ness of these pictures...
Spring hasn't quite made its coveted appearance in this part of the yard yet.

Here is the view of my cute little Kitchen Garden-to-be from the side of the deck:

And here is what I see when I look out the kitchen window while doing the dishes:

The square is 7ft by 7ft with a chunk cut out of the middle to make a horse-shoe shape.
There's got to be somewhere for the barefoot gardener to prance.

I also have a little 6x2 foot strip to the left of the last photo and another 6-footer is in progress.
The "walls" of the containers are 2 ft high.

It's built on the brick patio because (1) I love brick between garden walkways and (2) there will be minimum weeds with this design.
I might like to pretend I have a green thumb but, my dears, I do not like to weed.
No way.

My seedlings are growing their cute little green leaves as we speak (more on them later) and I'm patiently awaiting my loads (upon loads) of dirt to fill my containers.
Hopefully that will come in the next week or so.
My compost is a mystery.
I'm not sure what I'm doing in that area...
but it's there and it's not stinky so I think that's a good sign.

Here's to Spring!


Lyndee said...

I know my eyes are naturally green but this just put the color in them for sure. I am freekin' jealous.

Andrea said...

oh it's looking so good! i can't wait to see more.

it's really making me re think my little herb garden idea. i think i could do it. :)

thanks for being inspiring! :)

Sarah said...

Just awesome!! I have wanted to more of a garden BUT critters keep eating everything I try and grow:( Do you have a critter plan for that cute bed?? Oh wait, you have a dog, right?? Mmmmmm we might need a dog.

I love that you love gardening. That would be my career choice if we didn't have snow on the ground for more than half the year *sigh*

Parisienne Farmgirl said...


SO COOL LOOKING! I can't wait to see it in July!!!

Great job you Potager designer you!

Maegan said...


Katie said...

Looks awesome so far! Can't wait to see it underway!

Burkinator said...

How are you doing your compost? Tim built a compost tumbler last year from a 55-gallon barrel, and it works really well. He made a rain barrel, too, which definitely came in handy.

mike stathos said...

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