Monday, March 7, 2011

Go Forth and Shop.

There is this new (maybe only to me) Internet style of shopping in which you can get an email right to your inbox with a list of online shops and boutiques running sales.
I'm talking majorly discounted stuff here.
Like, 50-70% off.

I'm totally into this.

 A lot of these sites are dedicated to children's clothing and gear but some of them are for adults as well.

It costs nothing to sign up.
You get an email in your inbox (daily) that gives you the name and description of the designer(s) or shops they're featuring that day.
As far as I can tell, they do not sell your information to other parties.
I've had no trouble with an influx of spamy or advertisement mail.
The sales are usually time-sensitive and there are limited numbers of the items available...
but it's oh-so-fun to find unspeakable deals on designer goods.

Don't sit there and pretend you don't like pretty, designer things.
I can tell you one of my deepest pleasures in life is dressing my children in seriously gorgeous clothing and then just staring at them.
: )

Here are the sites that I'm aware of...
If you want to sign up (you know you do) please use the links I've provided.
They get me referral credits - so when your first order ships out I get a little cash in my account!
Love. That.

The Mini Social
Baby and children's wear and gear.
Lots of European and international brands that are organic, natural and will make your child look totally edible...
My favorite!
Deals for moms, babies and kids.
They get some of the most unique and adorable designers.
Children's fashion, toys and baby gear.
Right now they have a deal on Phil and Teds baby gear!
High end adult brands - men and women.
7 for all mankind, Valentino, etc.
High end children's and adult clothing brands.
Makeup, housewares, shoes, accessories and even vacation packages.
Ethical fashion, organic beauty, fair trade home, independent artists and designers.
If you know of more of these types of sites drop a comment and let me know!
I'm getting a little addicted to the excitement of it all.
On another note...I think I may have a serious problem with Whole Grain Fig Newtons.
They say "great source of fiber" on the packaging which makes me think they're a health food when really, they're not.
They're still a cookie.
Let me just say, I {heart} a sit down with my lap top and a {modest} stack of Fig Newtons.
Not good.

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Andrea said...

I love sites like these I'd heard of Zulily and have used them often. But, never heard of some of these others. I signed up! Thanks for sharing.