Thursday, March 24, 2011

Food Crush {French Food at Home}

I know I introduced this blog feature as a compilation of my favorite local restaurants...
There are few joys quite so delicious as breaking the rules.
Even if they are your own.

I have found another TV chef that I adore.
Her name is Laura Calder.
Her show is French Food at Home airing on Cooking Channel.

She's smart and a little bit saucy.
Best of all she puts a french flair on everything she does in the kitchen.
The show is just an overall delight.


Sam said...

I looovvveeee the Food Network! Chef at Home is a great show too, it's probably only offered in the Canada though lol.

jessica m said...

I have caught this show once and enjoyed it!

Catherine said...

Great show for those who live in Canada. Chef Michael Smith is cool :)

French online

Anonymous said...

Great show, but please, God, enough with the excessive blurry out of focus and zoom shots. I get a headache after a while