Monday, March 7, 2011

Bachelor Brad 2.0 - Women Tell All

We're so close to the end!
This has been a good season, girls (and boys?).
Just so good.

What a juicy, drama-filled Women Tell All we witnessed tonight.
It was uncomfortable and revealing - Chris Harrison had the easiest job tonight in "facilitating" conversation.
All he had to do was say the word, "Michelle" and the ladies cats were up and running hissing.

The 30-Year-Old-Baby showed up in her full glory.
She bawled the whole time.
I think I would have too...some of the accusations made by these women were vicious.
Easy for the 24-year-old with no children to her name to say, "Here's how I'll act when I'm a mother."
Never, ever, EVER say that. Never.
You have no idea how you'll be as a mother until you get there.
She'll eat those words.
I promise.
The judgement was disgusting.
Notice, I can't put a name to that person because I have no idea who she was.
Was she even ON the show?
She was gross.

Another gross one: Jackie.
She came out with her b-word guns blazin'.
Sweet little, Pretty Woman date Jackie.
Not so sweet. Not so pretty.
Totally unappealing.

There was a point, about 4 shows in when I realized Michelle was really a big joke.
The way she was edited in the show was to make her look like a total loony, when really she was just having fun with the camera.
Who in the world would say those things and be serious?
She was going to kick someones booty?
She wanted someone attacked by monkeys?
She's going to pummel someone in their sleep?
She was being funny, not serious.
I got that; and sometimes it made me laugh out loud at my TV screen.
The thing that was uncomfortable was watching her tactics with Brad.
Too pushy, too forward, too assuming.
Girl, give him something to chase.
She just layed it all out there on the table.

But I have to say, 30-Year-Old-Baby won a bit of my respect back tonight.
Mr. B. and I (yep, he was watching, that's my man!) were thinking maybe she took the crying angle to get sympathy and maybe put herself on the producer's radar for Bachelorette material.
The only thing that makes me think that wouldn't be the case is her regret for leaving her daughter.
I don't think she'd do that again to do an entire show.

Okay, enough of that.
What about Ashley H.?
It took me a few minutes to adjust to her new look but...
I love it!
She looks classier, older (in a good way) and more herself.
Does that make sense?
I could take her much more seriously as a brunette; and those bangs!
(Although, Ashley, lemme tell ya, blondes DO have more fun. Don't you forget it.)
: )

I want Ash as the next Bachelorette.
Second only to Emily if she doesn't end up The One next week.

So, here's where you give your final pick.
Who is it?
Who will be the 2nd girl out of the limo next week?
(You know the first one is always the one to go home...has it ever been any different?)
I was thinking it was going to be Chantal I'm getting unsure and thinking Emily.
(And, no, I haven't read any spoilers in the past month or so. So I have no idea who it is. Don't tell me!)

Is it just me or are the out-takes always the very best part of the Women Tell All episode?


Lyndee said...

Can't sleep too much pain so am back on reading this...I think the very best view of Michelle was Brad who totally got her. They both had to agree that they were too much alike in the end. However he got her humor and thought she was a classy woman. So guess the producers threw us a curve with such dramatic editing of her humor. When about half the girls stood up for Michelle as a very nice person in the house and the rest only began to see her as two faced after the show aired the story was clinched for me. I liked her more after that and after all we all loved to have the drama every week. She was the best villain we have date.

Andrea said...

Um, the women all caddy/nasty like they were was so disappointing to me. Sometimes it's better to just keep things to yourself in your head than be nasty and say them aloud. I wish some of these women would have done that.

It's was crazy last night to say the least!

I'm rooting for Emily, she's been my pick from the beginning. I just love her. And from my Husband's guy take he says that Brad is really into her. So since he's a guy evaluating a guy I hope he's right.

the things that Brad says & descirbes Emily is not the same as he describes Chantel. I think he has a lot more respect and honor for her than Chantel. I think he probably things she's fun, great, etc but not wifey material. There, I'm gonna go with that.

I agree Ashley H. would make a great Bachelorette too!

I think Michelle would be halarious on Bach Pad 2!!

We shall see, can't wait for next week!

Maegan said...

I love Emily BUT I think he picked Chantal. Just his energy he had about who he picked was so vibrant.. Exactly how he had been when he was with Chantal. When he was with Emily he was more subdued. I hope I'm Wrong!

Rachel said...

There was one season long ago where the first gal out of the limo was who got picked. I can't remember who the guy was, but the girl was waiting by the window while he dumped the other girl. Awkward.

I've read all the spoilers so I won't be watching. Enjoy the finale.

Kayla said...

I hope he picks Emily but I think it will be Chantal. I am excited to watch!

I do remember one season where he picked the first was a total shocker but I do not remember what season that don't bet that it won't be the first girl this time...I can see Brad throwing some kind of spin on it!

Alicia Marie said...

I never like the cats-claws-comes- out show. Girls can be so mean.

I am not a huge fan of the whole cry scene, but NEVER talk about a momma and her kids. NEVER. ESPECIALLY when you don't have kids. Classless.

I want Emily, but I think Chantal. I can't imagine Emily telling Brad not to gush on the other girls. I can imagine Chantal making that clear though!

Rae Nolt said...

The season where he picked the 1st girl and she watches from the window as he dumps the 2nd girl was the Bachelor who was the NFL player. Now, he announces some of the NFL games. Can't remember his name. But, I see him from time to time during football games and always point out to my husband he became famous due to the Bachelor and not the NFL.

I am ALL for Emily! Love her!