Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Baby Elephant Birthday Party

Britt's first birthday party didn't really sneak up on me...
I'd been dreading anticipating it for a few weeks before.
But when I looked up from my laundry folding/algebra homeworking/child raising haze and realized I was having company. For my baby's birthday. Tomorrow.
I decided I'd better get my overwhelmed hiney in gear and figure out how we were going to celebrate this boy's momentous occasion.

Granted, said company was only my gracious family who really doesn't care whether I put a homemade feast on the table or order in BBQ from the take-out joint down the street.
(Guess which one I did.)
They don't care if there are elephants to ride in the backyard or stuffed elephants perched on table-tops.
(One chance to guess...)
They don't even care if I create a marvelous cake-of-wonders or if I call and ask them to pick up the cake for me at the bakery.
(Ahem...Don't judge.)

I've decided that the domestic diva is going to have to take a backseat to the frazzled mom-on-the-go for a few years while I pound out the rest of this nursing school.
A full course load and three children does not a recipe for domestic bliss make.

But...we still had a lovely, simple birthday party to celebrate our favorite baby.

{this is the first time I've bought Burt's Bees Baby Bee products for any of my kids. just couldn't bring myself to drop the cash for it. but I did, as a gift, this time. we've used it once.
Britt smells like a bonafide honey-pot. totally contributing to his edibility.
get this stuff for your baby. just once.}

{as i said, lunch was BBQ take-out. but it was so so yummy. pulled turkey, beef and pork on buns. coleslaw, sweet potato fries, potato salad (for the extra-starchy) and baked beans.
glorious. and i didn't lift a finger.}

 {baby loves to munch.}

{baby also loves his tattooed, dreadlocked, bandana-ed auntie.}

{the cake was a confection from The Sugaree Baking Company in the city. strawberry dream cake.
i added the yellow and blue m&m's to make it look boy-ish.
the "tablecloth" is a shower curtain i found on sale at Target. multipurpose.
: )
i love that little wooden elephant pull toy.
we've had it since Beck was a tot.
twizzlers in a cup. told ya i wasn't fancy.}

{thankfully, one-year-olds don't require fancy. they just require cake.
and love.
he's got both.}

{evidence of a good party:
paper plates with globs of frosting.
toys on the table.
empty Izze bottles.
laughing ladies/sleeping men.
cranky, sticky one-year-old.}


Kassandra said...

Very cute! Looks like it was a success.

[not the] Best Blog Ever said...

What a fun/cute party! Looks great.

And NOW I'm hungry for cake! :)