Saturday, February 26, 2011

Tomato Obsession

We have a full-blown tomato obsession at our house.

If you ask either of the big piggies what their favorite vegetable is you are met with huge grins and an enthusiastic, "Tomatoes!"

Ask what they're excited to plant in the garden this year and get a convincing: "Tomatoes!"

Anything red that makes its way to their plates inevitably earn a couple of inquiries,
"Are these tomatoes?"
"Is this made of tomatoes?"
If you say "yes" you get, you guessed it, "YUM!"

Some of last year's tomato & basil crop.

Isn't that sweet?
Isn't that darling?
Isn't that strange?

Invariably, if a tomato makes it off the plate and anywhere near the mouth of these silly little people it induces a tear-filled gagging episode that is so convincing you are hopping to their side with the barf-bucket.
They will puke if a tomato crosses the lip threshold.

But, my goodness, in theory you'd think tomatoes were God's gift to the piglets.

I don't blame the sweet little things though, I didn't like tomatoes growing up either.
Although their glowing flesh was quite gorgeous to ponder...the taste sent me into fits.
I could not handle the break of the skin and the burst of seedy juice - both salty and sweet and...tomatoey.
I once threw up (barely making it from the dinner table to the bathroom) at my best friend's house when her dad made me eat a heaping pile of stewed tomatoes.
I could gag thinking about it.
So, I have sympathy for the piggies and exempt them from tomato eating.

I have faith that they'll grow into their professed adoration of the vegetable-that-is-a-fruit.
If they're anything like their mama they'll be dreaming of sweet cherry 'maters straight off the vine...
just give them a few seasons.


Lyndee said...

Well written and hilarious!

Jamie Willow said...

oh how funny! haha :) those kids :) I suppose the fun of the tomato is the growing and picking...eating them has never been on my list of favorite things either. cooked into something I am fine, but never a raw tomato. yuckers. :)