Friday, February 25, 2011


Big news:
I now have a button for my blog.
What do I think I am, a real blogger or something?
Here it is:

Grab it if you wish and display your loooove for Star-Crossed.
{Thanks to Andrea for surprising me with it!}
: )


In other blog news:
I did a minor overhaul on my blog layout.
The links on my sidebar are different...prettier.
I updated my blogroll, too.
Go there for some fab inspiration.
{link to the right}


So excited!
I ordered the seeds for my garden.
This is totally giddy, beginner gardener's enthusiasm, I assure you.
Amish snap peas, blonde cucumbers, Parisian carrots, spicy arugula, multicolored cherry tomatoes, Italian romas.
Fragrant lavender, edible nasturtiums, purple-headed chives.
Oh...we'll be eating well this summer!

Here's where I ordered from:
{tried to stay local-ish and heirloom/organic}
Annie's Heirloom Seeds
Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds
Heirloom Acres Seeds

I have visions of fresh salads dancing in my head.


Britt has two teeth.
On the bottom.
One. Two.
Right smack in the middle.
He's cute.


Nursing school starts this Monday.
15 credits.
I might crawl into a study-cave and emerge to feed my children lunch and clean behind their ears...the rest of the time it's fend-for-yourself. wont be as bad as that.
{I don't think...}


I love love love the response I got from my weight loss post.
I have never. ever. had so many comments on a post.
{other than my giveaway, which doesn't count because you were commenting to WIN something adorable.}
Here's the deal. You are inspiring me.
Today I wanted a piece of cake after lunch, but I didn't have it...wanna know why?
I thought of all the "I'm with you!" comments from you guys and said, "No."
I told myself, "no." About chocolate.
This is monumental.
We shall build an altar here at this place and call it "Shedidnoteatthechocolatecake."
And we will always remember.
{Do you like that Old Testament reference?}

Anyway...this weekend I will do a post dedicated to the parameters for our little support group.
It will be simple and it will benefit YOU (and me).
Because I've learned if it's not simple, we wont do it.
I have some plans up my sleeve...
: )

But your job now is to weigh yourself.
Today or tomorrow morning.
This is your starting weight.
If you don't have a scale get one or get access to one.
Get it ASAP so you can document your incredible loss starting now.

And that sums it up.
Happy Weekend!
What are YOU up to?


Mrs.M said...

Go, girl!!! That's a great step! I said no to Starbucks today. I haven't had it since last Fall and well, it was a rough night. But instead.....I walked right past the little Starbucks inside the grocery store. (Why must they tempt us?!) I felt so good.

I log in my weight on my blog. No loss this week so far but I still have 3 days to go. Will you be weighing in on Fridays?

Keep up the GREAT work!

Jamie Willow said...

did you get my text? I sent you a pic of the easter candy aisle at the grocery store that I had to TEAR myself away from...oh lordy this is not easy...

Mrs. B. said...

Good girls.
So so good.
I can feel it, we are going to do it.

Lyndee said...


Andrea said...

I need the accountability! I'm excited!!

I told Orion I wanted a garden and he reminded me that I kill things...plants and have no green thumb. I can't wait to see how your's does!

Alicia Marie said...

1. Totally jealous of your garden. I contemplated one (We have a ginormous yard) but I have a BLACK thumb. Black. Maybe you can teach via your blog how to garden/not kill things.

2.I had sushi AND chocolate cake last night...but it was a birthday celebration of a long lost its-been-a-year-since-we-have seen each other girls night out.

3. Monday. It starts.

Kudos on the successful abstinence.

Bonnie Manion said...
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