Sunday, February 20, 2011

Channelling Spring & Eating Dirt

Today it was over 70 degrees.
Sun peeking from behind clouds; wind tossing last fall's leaves about the brown grass...
A little oasis in the middle of winter.

Britt and I decided a little thaw out on the deck was in order.

He fiddled with bumpy, brown acorn tops and crunched leaves in his chubby fingers.
He ate dirt.
Of course he ate dirt.
None of my other kids put dirt in their stayed safely on the knees and palms of their hands.
But not Britt, I tell ya, this boy will be giving me lots of firsts.
Like any good mom, I took a picture. There was really no other choice.

Gosh, he's cute.
With his baby blues and his B'goshs' and his platypus lips.

When I wasn't all wrapped up in baby cuteness and spring revelry, I was all wrapped up in this business...

Garden planning.

Oh yes, my dears, there is a big, fat garden in my future.
Multiple raised beds of heirloom, organic vegetables.
Gnarled little carrots, sun-warmed tomatoes, glowing eggplant, heavy pumpkins...
It's gonna be dreamy.
I hope...
I have one small problem.
My thumb.
It's not very green.
it's sort of brown.
I wrote about it HERE.

No matter, I am trying to teach myself the art of gardening.
With a little help from her and her Potager 101 classes.
And lots of other sources.

Here's the deal:
Brawny Man has agreed to build me some gorgeous raised beds on our brick patio right outside the back door.
I don't do weeds.
No, I don't.

Here is my drawing...

Artistic, no?
: )

I am going to document this brown thumbed venture.
We shall see how my new kitchen garden fares in my hands.

Tonight I started our compost bin. Am I serious?!  Who AM I?
Composting. Gardening.
I'm afraid my carefully constructed "City Girl" persona is developing some cracks... 

Some posts about my little 2010 herb/vegetable garden:

Do you have any grand garden plans for the Spring?


Mrs.M said...

Love, love, love! Next Spring, I'm doing the same thing. I can NOT wait for all the blogging about this. Yes!

My plans...move across the Country, finish my training to become a doula, maybe get a part time job, tie my tubes/get Ant snipped, remodel a house, and keep losing weight.

Yes, I think that's about it with "big" Spring plans. :)

Lyndee said...

I have for two years planned a raised bed garden on the north side of my cottage. Someone promised to help me and bailed. Then this year the neighbor put one up just across the line from where I wanted mine. I was green with envy but this summer Jack needed lots of tlc so it went the way of all good things, into the dream compost. Hope you get the right mix and it works well for you. Gardening is like kids. You don't get a day off.

Jamie Willow said...

I love the idea, and I would love the rewards...but I am so not up for the work. ha! just being honest. me and nature don't always agree.

but I will live vicariously! i wish you much success in your gardening venture!

Anonymous said...

How exciting! I will be watching because I have NO green thumb at all and kill everything so I hope to learn from you. You can do it!

Saundra said...

did you know you can grow potatoes in buckets? luke showed me.

Burkinator said...

Compost does beautiful things. Beautiful! We have a homemade tumbler in our backyard that Tim made from a 55-gallon drum. Black gold, I tell ya, and totally worth the effort!

[not the] Best Blog Ever said...

I think I'm crazy, what with working full time and summer being my busy season... But I would love to plant a small garden and work it with Park. I know he would love to help with weeding and seeing the veggies come up, not to mention eating them. So yeah, in my dreams we will have a small, manageable garden this summer. We'll see!

Andrea said...

I love your garden drawing, i think it would be cute in a frame.

Polish Auto said...

Well, congrats on making the plans. That’s the first step. And you’ll have your dreamy garden, I’m sure. Now, about your cute little kid. God, he is so adorable. His eyes are incredible and he is absolutely handsome. Well, did he like the dirt?  Judging from his face, I can almost bet he won’t try it again.