Monday, February 7, 2011

Bachelor Brad 2.0 - Episode Six

Tonight it's late and I'm tired...
and, quite frankly I'm in the middle of reading some really good books and I'd like to get to those before the night is over.
: )
Bachelor blogging is taking a back seat to my first love.
Surprise surprise.

This will be a short one.

Chantal and Brad have an undeniable chemistry.
She's dropped the "L" bomb quite a few times.
Girl knows what she wants.
Can't help but respect her for that.

The group date was annoying mainly because of you-know-who and her 30-year-old-baby ways.
Here's what I think about "her:"
She has two tactics for when she gets herself in a sticky situation that she doesn't know how to talk her way out of.
One - kiss him or Two - cry.
That's it. All she's got.
She goes next week.
I'm almost sure of it.

Emily is still the awesom-est.

Shawntel was pretty darn cute with her "quiet game."
Points to her.

Alli and Jackie were the obvious ones to go home.
I say Britt is next along w/ Crazy Pants.

An interesting theory was brought up by Alicia in the comments last week.
(Actually, it was her husband - who watches the show!! Wooooo!!! - that thought of it.)
He thinks Brad is just doing the show to become the next action hero.
And really...if you think about it that is quite a feasible scenario.
If this weren't enough...

...he had to be sure to do a little cliff repelling, cave exploring and ziplining just to seal the deal.

Thanks to Alicia's hubby, Ryan,  for the food for thought!
: )
He's probably very sad that I outed him and his Bachelor-loving ways...

And now, I bid you goodnight.


Jamie Willow said...

and that about sums it up! ha!

I'll be mailing off that book I told you about this week, so something to look forward to besides bachelor monday :) hehe

Alicia Marie said...

Ahahahahaha... Ryan was totally outed and i love it!!

Now, when I tell him...we will see how he feels. ;)

I honestly missed most of the show, as it was on, but I was talking to my mom on the phone about much more important thing.

I agree with your diagnosis. Bye bye Crazy...and that one girl...Britt...

Katie said...

Ew. Michelle is just one of those gross, vile, disgusting human beings that are just plain embarrassing to society. How has he not kicked her to the curb yet? She's insane!

Maegan said...

I knew he wouldn't let her(Michelle) go but I was praying for it. I am trying so hard NOT to look at realitysteve. I LOVE Emily but I dont see her in the upcoming episodes all that much. why?!

Chantal is just a tad bit too needy for me. She is an undercover needy and her layers are slowly starting to peel back.

Shawntal is cute..eerie but cute.

Britt is cute but her 1990s hair do really bothers me.

I can't think of anyone else.. so they must not be too memorable.

[not the] Best Blog Ever said...

I do not watch the show; however, I heard on the radio this morning that Brad's on-again, off-again girlfriend of the past 8 years is saying he proposed to her right before he left to go shoot the show.

(I'm assuming she said no. LOL.)

What do you think about THAT??


Jamie Willow said...

oooooh! Beth! I wonder! I have been avoiding even the mags cause I don't want to be "spoiled" so I hadn't heard that!

oh boy :) drama!

Crystal Leigh said...

Yeah, I really hope Brad is just keeping psycho Michelle cause she makes the show more interesting. If he hasn't seen through her craziness yet, then I don't think he's the man I thought he was....
Emily is so stinkin darn cute. love her. But I also like Chantal. I also liked Jackie, so classy and nice, but I guess Brad couldn't see her with him forever. This show is addicting. and thank goodness they have the episodes on cause I had to catch up with 2 eps before watching this weeks.